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Save 10% on all Leveling Systems in the month of May - Code May-24

Collomix KR140HF Bird Cage Paddle Large Batch

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Collomix KR140HF: High-Efficiency Paddle for Sticky Materials

Maximize your mixing efficiency with the Collomix KR140HF Bird Cage Paddle, specifically designed for large batches of self-leveling materials, adhesives, and more, ensuring a smooth, lump-free mix.


  • Optimized for Large Batches: Ideal for mixing substantial quantities efficiently.
  • Versatile Material Use: Perfect for self-leveling materials, adhesives, sealants, fillers, and epoxy mixes.
  • High Shear Forces: Generates a powerful mixing effect to prevent lumps.
  • Easy to Clean: Simplifies post-mixing cleanup, saving time and effort.
  • Designed for Sticky Materials: Ensures smooth mixing of challenging substances.
  • Quality German Engineering: Made in Germany, synonymous with durability and precision.
  • Professional Grade Tool: Suitable for construction and renovation projects.
  • Robust Construction: Built to handle demanding mixing tasks.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies the mixing process for various materials.
  • Enhanced Mixing Efficiency: Delivers consistent results in less time.

More Details

Introducing the Collomix KR140HF Bird Cage Paddle, a large batch mixing solution engineered for professionals who demand excellence and efficiency in their work. Specially designed for sticky and challenging materials, this paddle is ideal for a variety of applications, including self-leveling compounds, adhesives, sealants, fillers, and epoxy mixes. The KR140HF stands out for its ability to generate high shear forces, creating a powerful mixing effect that effectively prevents the formation of lumps, ensuring a smooth, consistent mix every time. Its easy-to-clean feature is a significant advantage, allowing you to maintain the paddle effortlessly and focus on your project without delay. Made in Germany, this paddle embodies the precision and durability of German engineering, guaranteeing a tool that's not only effective but also long-lasting. Ideal for large-scale construction and renovation projects, the Collomix KR140HF Bird Cage Paddle is the professional's choice for efficient, high-quality mixing. It's robust, user-friendly, and designed to enhance your mixing efficiency, delivering superior results in less time and with less effort.


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