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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Alpha Libero Wet Diamond Blades

SKU DL0478
by Alpha
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$63.14 - $70.43
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Size: 4"

Alpha Libero Wet Diamond Blades: Precision Cutting for Softer Stones

Master the art of cutting softer stones with Alpha® Libero Wet Diamond Blades. Specially designed for materials like marble, travertine, and alabaster, these blades offer precision and efficiency in every cut, making them a top choice for professionals.

Stone Blade Features

  • Optimized for Softer Stones: Perfectly cuts marble, travertine, soapstone, and alabaster.
  • High-Quality Diamond Edge: Provides chip-free cuts, reducing material waste.
  • Effortless Operation: User-friendly design for easy handling and efficient cutting.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, offering long-term value for stone workers.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for general contractors, sculptors, and tile installers.
  • Renowned Electroplated Technology: Known for excellent performance in dry cutting.
  • Reduced Finishing Time: Aggressive cutting action minimizes the need for post-cut finishing.
  • Professional Standard: Meets the demands of high-precision stone cutting tasks.
  • Efficiency in Material Use: Saves raw materials and reduces overall project costs.
  • Dependable Performance: Consistently delivers accurate and smooth cuts.
Alpha Professional Tools for tile and stone industry
More Details

The Alpha® Libero Wet Diamond Blades set a new standard in the world of stone cutting, particularly for softer stones like marble, travertine, soapstone, and alabaster. Renowned for their high-quality diamond edge, these blades make cutting these materials a seamless and precise process. By significantly reducing the risk of chipping and cracking, they ensure minimal waste of valuable materials. The blades are user-friendly, facilitating easy and efficient cutting, thereby saving time and effort. This is especially beneficial for tile installers who frequently work with softer marble and travertine tiles, as it allows for quick and accurate cuts without the need for extensive finishing. Sculptors and general contractors will also find these blades indispensable for their durability and the consistent, clean cuts they provide. With their superior electroplated technology, Alpha Libero Wet Diamond Blades are a market leader, known for their dry cutting efficiency and long-lasting performance, making them an essential tool for any professional working with softer types of natural stone.


Alpha Professional Tools® has been a leading manufacturer of quality tools since 1986, serving professionals in the natural and engineered stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass, construction, and hardscape industries. Our comprehensive product line includes cutting tools, drilling equipment, grinding tools, polishing systems, profiling tools, restoration tools, and maintenance tools. We specialize in providing high-performance tools for natural stone, engineered stone, porcelain, ceramic, and glass applications. Alpha® is committed to innovation, developing products based on extensive marketing research and customer needs. Our mission is to lead the industry with top-quality construction and hardscape tools, ensuring exceptional performance and support.

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