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Fittes Flush Wall Vent (Lite)

by Fittes
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Fittes Vent Flush Wall Vent [Lite]: Merging Design Excellence with Superior Ventilation

Introducing the Flush Wall Vent [Lite], a price-conscious and ultra-minimal drywall vent designed specifically for looks and function. With its lightweight ABS plastic drywall bead, this vent seamlessly blends into the surface, leaving only a rectangular air channel visible. Whether you need a supply vent or a larger air return size, the Flush Wall Vent [Lite] has got you covered. Take your ventilation to the next level with this easy-to-install and customizable vent. Paint it to match your decor and enjoy a continuous flow of fresh air. Get yours today and experience the difference!


  • Lightweight ABS plastic drywall bead for seamless integration
  • Suitable for installation at the drywalling stage (professional installation required)
  • Compatible with drywall surfaces only
  • Customizable with paint (we recommend using primer)
  • No airflow control, ensuring continuous ventilation
  • Easy cleaning with a pop-out inner plate for convenient duct cleaning


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