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Save 10% on all items on The RTC Family of Products - Promo Code April-24

Kraft Self-leveling Kit

by Kraft
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Kraft Self-Leveling Kit - All-In-One Solution for Easy Floor Leveling

Streamline your flooring projects with the Kraft Self-Leveling Kit, an all-in-one package providing all the essential tools needed for a smooth and uniform self-leveling process, ideal for both professional tile contractors and home remodelers.


  • Comprehensive 7-Piece Kit: Contains all tools required for effective floor leveling.
  • 24" Stainless Steel Smoother: Ideal for applying and smoothing self-leveling compounds.
  • Threaded Attachment: Compatible with the included 3-piece aluminum pole or most threaded poles.
  • 24" Aluminum Gauge Rake: Features up to 2 inches adjustment for even surface coating.
  • Adjustable Gunite Spiked Shoes: For secure epoxy installation, fitting most shoe sizes with 13 1-1/2" spikes.
  • Oval Mixing Paddle: Designed for mixing high-viscosity materials in large barrels, reducing air entrapment.
  • Efficient and Uniform Application: Ensures a smooth, even surface for flooring.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a range of self-leveling products and surface types.
  • Easy to Use: Simplifies the floor leveling process for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality tools built to last in rigorous conditions.
More Details

The Kraft Self-Leveling Kit is an indispensable toolset for achieving impeccably leveled floors, a must-have for both professional tile contractors and ambitious home remodelers. This comprehensive 7-piece kit is meticulously designed to simplify the floor leveling process, ensuring a smooth and consistent application of self-leveling compounds. Central to this kit is the 24" Wood Frame Stainless Steel Smoother, a key tool for applying and smoothing leveling compounds with precision. Its compatibility with the included 3-piece aluminum pole, as well as most other threaded poles, adds to its versatility. The 24" Aluminum Gauge Rake, adjustable up to 2 inches, is instrumental in achieving a uniform coating across various surfaces, ensuring professional-grade results. An essential addition for epoxy installations, the Gunite Spiked Shoes, with adjustable nylon straps, accommodate most shoe sizes and are equipped with 13 1-1/2" spikes for stable movement on wet surfaces. The Oval Mixing Paddle, fitting a 1/2" chuck drill, is specifically designed for mixing high-viscosity materials efficiently, reducing air entrapment and ensuring a homogenous mixture. The Kraft Self-Leveling Kit not only enhances the efficiency of flooring projects but also guarantees a level of precision and uniformity essential for quality flooring installations. Its ease of use, coupled with durable construction, makes this kit a valuable investment, streamlining the leveling process and delivering long-lasting, reliable performance in all types of flooring projects.

What's Included
  • GG601 - 15 Gallon Mixing Barrel with Lid
  • GG602 - 5 qt. Measuring Pitcher
  • GG603 - 24 inch Wood Frame Stainless Steel Smoother with Bracket
  • CC263 5 ft. 3-Piece Aluminum Handle for Smoother and Gauge Rake
  • HC178 - Hi-Craft Spiked Gunite Shoes
  • CC975-01 - 24-inch Gauge Rake and Leveler
  • DC717 - Oval Mixing Paddle
  • GG240 - 10 Self-Leveling Pins

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