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Mark E Industries 3-in-1 Standard Shower Kit

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Looking for a shower kit that can help you build the perfect shower curb every time? Look no further than the Mark E Industries 3 in 1 Standard Shower Kit! This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to install a high-quality shower that looks great and performs even better.

First up is the Kirb-Perfect, a versatile tool that can be used with or without a 2 x 4 wood curb on any size shower. Designed to be used with a pan liner, the Kirb-Perfect is made of lightweight, non-rotting plastic that is easy to cut with a hacksaw, PVC cutters, or grinder. It also works great with the Quick Pitch System, ensuring that your shower pan is level and properly sloped for optimal drainage.

  • Kirb-Perfect Kit includes: 2 side panels - 5-1/2" H x 30" L
  • 1 top panel - 4-1/2" W 2"x 30" L

Next, the Standard Pre-Pitch Kit is a unique, stay-in-place screeding tool that is designed to be used underneath shower pan liners. By creating the proper subfloor slope (1/4" per ft.) underneath the pan liner, the Pre-Pitch Kit helps to direct the water towards the weep holes that are an integral part of shower floor drains. This helps to prevent water from being trapped between the mud bed and the liner, reducing the risk of mold and mildew-related issues. And like the Kirb-Perfect, the Pre-Pitch Kit is made of lightweight, non-rotting plastic that is easy to cut to size.

  • Prepitch Kit includes: 6 float sticks, 1/8" to 7/8" x 36" long

The Standard Quick Pitch Kit is another must-have tool for anyone looking to install a shower quickly and easily. This "goof proof" kit includes a center ring that is placed over the drain and tapered float sticks that are attached to leave you with a perfect 1/4" fall per 12" run. And if you have a custom-shaped shower or walls that are more than 3 ft. (but less than 6 ft.) from the floor drain, extra and extended float sticks are available to ensure that your shower pan is properly sloped.

  • Standard Kit includes 6 Float Sticks, 1” to 1 3/4” taper x 36" long and 1 center ring

Finally, the Positive-Weep-Hole-Protector is a handy accessory that is designed to work with both the Quick Pitch and Pre-Pitch shower installation kits. This drainage disk is placed around a drain opening in the floor and positioned between the floor pan and the mortar laid over the floor pan. Valleys in the disk provide drainage from the pan to the weep channels in the drain receptor, ensuring optimal drainage and preventing water from being trapped in the mud bed.

With the Mark E Industries 3 in 1 Standard Shower Kit, you'll have everything you need to build a perfect shower that looks and performs great. So why wait? Order yours today and start enjoying the benefits of a high-quality shower that you can be proud of!

What's In The Box?

  • 2 Kirb-Perfect Shower Curbs
  • 1 Standard Quick-Pitch Kit
  • 1 Standard Pre-Pitch Kit
  • 1 Positive Weep Hole Protector
  • Instructional DVD
  • Illustrated Installation Instructions

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