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Sigma Jolly Edge Grinder Attachment 37A3PD

by Sigma
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The Sigma Jolly Edge Machine: Precision Beveling for Tiles

Professional tile installers know the importance of a clean, uniform bevel. Enter the Sigma Jolly Edge Machine, your go-to for impeccable angled edge cutting. Whether it's porcelain tiles or other robust materials, this machine delivers consistent bevels ranging from 35° to 55° in just one pass. And with the inclusion of the Sigma 75B blade, precision is guaranteed. Seeking the gold standard in tile beveling?

Discover the Sigma Jolly Edge Machine difference today!


  • Versatile Angles: Bevel edges from 35° to 55° in one go.
  • Full-Length Beveling: Consistent finish along the material's entire length.
  • Sigma 75B Blade Included: Ensuring a clean and precise cut.
  • Note: Grinder sold separately.

  • Grinders Compatibility:

  • Fits most 4"-5" angle grinders with a 5/8-11 thread

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