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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Sigma 14G Kera-Cut Scoring Wheel

by Sigma
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14G Wheel for The Sigma Kera-Cut Series - Achieve Optimal Performance

Transform your tile cutting process with the Sigma 14G Scoring Wheel – the original Sigma replacement designed for unmatched precision and durability, ideal for handling tough-to-cut materials without chips or cracks.


  • Broad Compatibility: Fits a range of Sigma tile cutters, including 8B2, 8C2, 8D2, 8E2, 8G2, 8CE, 8DE, and Kera Rail Cutter.
  • Enhanced Precision: Minimizes chips and cracks on tough materials.
  • Original Sigma Quality: Ensures optimal performance with your Sigma tile cutter.
  • Durable Construction: Built for longevity and consistent use.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and simple to replace, maintaining your workflow efficiency.
Sigma 14G Scoring Wheel Compatibility

Compatibility of Sigma 14G Scoring Wheel with Sigma Tile Cutters

Sigma 8 Series Tile Cutters:
  • 8B2
  • 8C2
  • 8D2
  • 8E2
  • 8G2
Sigma 8 Series Special Models:
  • 8CE
  • 8DE
Sigma Specialty Cutter:
  • Kera Rail Cutter
More Details

The Sigma 14G Wheel stands out as a crucial component for any professional or DIY enthusiast using Sigma tile cutters. This original Sigma replacement scoring wheel is engineered to cater specifically to the challenges of cutting tough materials, ensuring precise, clean cuts with minimal risk of chipping or cracking. Its compatibility with a wide range of Sigma tile cutter models, including popular choices like the 8B2, 8C2, and the Kera Rail Cutter, makes it a versatile and essential upgrade for various tile cutting needs. The 14G Wheel's durable construction not only guarantees long-lasting use but also maintains the high-quality performance synonymous with Sigma products. Its ease of installation is a significant advantage, allowing for quick replacement and minimizing any disruptions to your workflow. By choosing the Sigma 14G Scoring Wheel, tile contractors and remodelers can elevate their tile cutting experience, achieving flawless results with every use. This scoring wheel is more than just a tool; it's a commitment to quality and precision, ensuring that every cut reflects the skill and professionalism of the user.

What's Included

Sigma is a leading tile tool manufacturer, rooted in Italy’s renowned craftsmanship tradition. Specializing in high-quality tile cutters, tiling tools, and accessories, Sigma Italy equips professionals with cutting-edge products designed for precision and ease of use. Committed to innovation and quality, Sigma tools are essential for achieving flawless installations and beautiful finishes in any tiling project.

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  • Does this wheel fit the 120" Sigma Kera Rail Cutter?

    The Sigma 14G Kera Cut Scorng wheel does fit the 120" Sigma Kera Rail Cutter