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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Barwalt (4 x 4 x 5 ft) LG Saw Shack

SKU 70832
by Barwalt
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The Barwalt Saw Shack: Keeping Your Worksite Clean and Efficient

Enhance your job site efficiency with the Barwalt Large Saw Shack, the ultimate solution to maintain cleanliness and streamline your tile-cutting process.


  • Convenient Storage: Comes with a heavy-duty bag for easy storage and transport.
  • Durable Aluminum Framework: Designed for longevity and frequent use.
  • Quality Materials: Constructed with 30% Glass Filled Nylon 6 and aircraft stainless steel nuts.
  • Industrial-Strength Design: Features heavy gauge plastic sheeting and commercial-grade Velcro.
  • Clear Plastic Surround: Equipped with industrial-strength zippers for durability.
  • Optimal Size for Versatility: Measures 47" X 47" X 62" (4 x 4 x 5 ft).
  • Mess-Free Solution: Keeps floors and walls clean from tile cutting debris.
  • Time and Money Saver: Eliminates the need to cut tiles outdoors or by hand.
  • All-Weather Compatible: Suitable for use in various weather conditions.
  • Ideal for Contractors: A must-have tool to increase efficiency on the job.
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The Barwalt Large Saw Shack is a game-changing addition for contractors, transforming the tile cutting experience at job sites. This well-designed shack not only simplifies the task of cutting tiles but also significantly reduces the mess associated with it, keeping floors and walls pristine. The Saw Shack's heavy-duty storage bag makes it easy to store and transport, ensuring it's always ready for the next job. Its durable aluminum framework, combined with high-quality materials like 30% Glass Filled Nylon 6 and aircraft-grade stainless steel nuts, guarantees a long service life even under frequent use. The shack's industrial tough heavy gauge plastic sheeting and commercial-grade Velcro at all attachment points enhance its durability, while the clear plastic surround with industrial-strength zippers provides visibility and robustness. Measuring 47" X 47" X 62", the Saw Shack offers ample space for efficient tile cutting without leaving the job site. This innovative solution not only saves time and money by eliminating the need to cut tiles outdoors or manually but also ensures that your workspace remains clean and organized in any weather condition. The Barwalt Saw Shack is an indispensable tool for contractors seeking to boost productivity and maintain cleanliness in their tiling projects.


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