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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Unleash the Cutting Power: Master the Art of Dressing Your Diamond Blade

Diamond Blades that have seen heavy use may not cut efficiently (or at all). Dressing the diamond blade reconditions the tile saw blade by removing glazing debris caused by use, heat, and friction, and re-exposing fresh diamond.

Below: These blades are worn but as you can see there is plenty of diamond left on the rim. When dressed new diamond would be exposed and removing the glaze that is covering the embedded diamonds
Image showing 2 diamond blades that are severly glazed over and dressing them would expose new diamond increasing performance.

What Is Dressing A Diamond Blade & How To Do It

Diamond blades need to be replaced. The frequency of switching out blades depends on a bunch of factors. It depends on the diamond blade itself, the material being cut, the saw, the operator, and if you are cutting wet or dry etc. With these things being considered, I'm going to let you in on a little secret to extend your diamond blades life. Dress the diamond blade! I don't mean put pants and a t shirt on it, I mean resharpen it… sort of. So, what is dressing a diamond blade? And more importantly, how do I dress a diamond blade?

Dressing a diamond blade is in a sense, resharpening it. In reality, you can't sharpen a diamond blade at all but, you are wearing away a layer of flat diamonds that have glazed over. Diamond segments can sometimes glaze over or melt when the diamond blade heats up too much during cutting. This makes the diamond blade appear to be junk, however, underneath the melted segments are a fresh new layer of diamond ready to cut your tile or stone.

Dressing the diamond blade is a simple process. You have to have some material on hand that will wear away the layer of glazed diamonds onto the next.
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The purpose of dressing is to bring back the cutting efficiency of the blade itself. There are some causes to a blade becoming dull, some of which include "glazing" and "shedding." Dressing a diamond blade will restore the cutting capabilities of a blade in a fairly short time.

Watch the video demonstration below to learn more about the dressing process and how it can help extend the life of your diamond blade, saving you time and money in the long run.