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Save 10% on all items in our Diamond Tooling Collection - Promo Code Feb-24

Barwalt Hollow Leave-In Tile Spacers

by Barwalt
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Barwalt Hollow Leave-In Tile Spacers

Transform your tile installation process with Barwalt's innovative Hollow Leave-In T Spacers, designed for efficiency, durability, and ease, allowing for grouting without the hassle of spacer removal.


  • Quantity Per Box: 500 pieces, ensuring ample supply for large projects.
  • Innovative Design: Years of research resulted in a hollow spacer that behaves like a rubber spacer.
  • Leave-In Convenience: Designed to stay in the joint and be grouted over.
  • Time-Saving Feature: Enables installers to grout a day earlier without removing spacers.
  • Compression Resistance: Adjusts up to 10% without further compression.
  • Designed for Radius Corner Tiles: Longer spacers to handle specific tile designs.
  • Enhanced Work Efficiency: Streamlines the tiling process, saving time and labor.
  • Ideal for Professional Use: A must-have for efficient and high-quality tile installation.
  • Reliable and Durable: Built to maintain integrity during and after installation.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various tile installation projects.

More Details

Barwalt Hollow Leave-In T Spacers are a groundbreaking innovation in the world of tile installation. After extensive research and development, these spacers have been designed to offer the flexibility and functionality of rubber spacers while being hollow, allowing them to remain in the joint and be grouted over. This unique feature significantly streamlines the tiling process, enabling installers to grout a day earlier without the time-consuming task of spacer removal. Each box contains 500 spacers, making it ideal for large-scale projects. These spacers are specially designed to adjust up to 10% without further compression, maintaining their structure and spacing integrity throughout the installation process. Their extended length makes them particularly effective for handling radius corner tiles, addressing a common challenge in tile setting. The introduction of Barwalt Hollow T Spacers marks a significant advancement in tiling efficiency, reducing labor and time while ensuring precise tile alignment and spacing. These spacers are an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to achieve high-quality results with greater ease and efficiency. The combination of innovative design, practicality, and durability makes these hollow leave-in spacers a revolutionary product in the tile installation industry.

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