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RTC Hole Shot Dry Core Bit Kits

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RTC Hole Shot Dry Diamond Core Bit Large And Small Diameter Kits

Master the art of precision drilling with RTC Hole Shot Dry Diamond Core Bit Kits. These revolutionary tools are a testament to innovation, designed to deliver speed and cleanliness in drilling tasks where water is a no-go. With a unique dry lubrication system, these bits facilitate rapid, clean cuts, making them perfect for challenging situations, including working on hard porcelain or in water-restricted areas. Their compatibility with cordless drills adds an extra layer of convenience, liberating you from the limitations of cords and traditional wet drilling methods. Available in two meticulously assembled kits—small and large diameters—these bits cater to a wide range of sizes and applications. Choose RTC Hole Shot for a superior drilling experience that combines efficiency, precision, and versatility. Embrace the future of drilling with RTC Hole Shot, where no water means no problem.


  • Innovative Dry Lubrication: Ensures quick, waterless cuts.
  • Precision Porcelain Drilling: Achieve flawless holes on hard surfaces.
  • Cordless Compatibility: Enhances portability and ease of use.
  • Water-Free Excellence: Ideal for moisture-sensitive environments.
  • Kit Versatility: Choose between small or large diameter kits for specific needs.

What's In The Box

 7 Piece Small Diameter Core Bit Kit Contains
 Quantity Diameter
2 1/4"
2 5/16"
1 3/8"
1 1/2"
1 9/16"


6 Piece Large Diameter Core Bit Kit Contains
 Quantity Diameter
1 3/4"
1 1 3/8"
1 1 1/2"
1 2"
1 2 1/4"
1 2 3/4"




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