Tuscan Leveling System™ Kit

Tuscan Leveling System™ Kit

Virtually Eliminates Lippage!



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The Pearl Abrasive® Tuscan Leveling System is a patent pending tile lippage elimination tool. Because of its ease of use, do-it-yourselfers will be able to obtain master tile laying quality without expertise. Experts will love that the Tuscan Leveling System is fast, speeding up tile installation by a factor of two!

The Tuscan Leveling System Small Kit includes:

500 pc Bucket – Tuscan Leveling Straps
200 pc Bucket – Tuscan Leveling Caps
(1) Standard Tool Gun


Virtually Eliminates Lippage
Easy to Learn and Use – at any skill level
Prevents tile movement while curing
Reduces installer fatigue and stress
Flat surface drastically reduces the need for grinding & polishing
Strongly recommended for gauged tiles 12″ and larger

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