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Fento MAX Inlays

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Fento Original Replacement Inlays: Restore Your Knee Protector's Ergonomics

Prolong the life of your Fento Original knee protector with the specially designed Fento Original Replacement Inlays. These breathable inserts replace your worn-out inlays, restoring the ergonomics and ensuring optimal pressure distribution to prevent knee and back pain.


  • Perfect Replacement: Specially designed for replacing worn-out Fento Original inlays
  • Restores Pressure Distribution: Ensures proper pressure across the knee and lower leg
  • Prevents Knee and Back Pain: Optimized ergonomics reduce strain and discomfort
  • Breathable Material: Enhances comfort during extended use
  • Tailored Fit: Designed specifically for the Fento Original knee protector
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Replace only the inlays, not the entire knee protector
  • Sustainable Approach: Reduces waste by prolonging the life of the Fento Original
  • Easy to Replace: Simple process to swap out worn inlays
  • Maintains Optimal Ergonomics: Ensures consistent performance and protection
  • Durable Construction: Withstands repeated use in demanding environments
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The Fento Max Replacement Inlay is the perfect solution for restoring the ergonomics of your Fento Max knee protector when the original inlay becomes worn-out or damaged. This breathable, specially designed insert ensures the correct distribution of pressure across the knee and lower leg, effectively preventing knee and back pain that can arise from prolonged kneeling or awkward positions. By replacing your worn inlay with the Fento Max Replacement Inlay, you can maintain optimal comfort and support, allowing you to work efficiently without compromising your physical well-being.
Constructed from a breathable material, the Fento Max Replacement Inlay enhances comfort during extended use, reducing heat buildup and promoting air circulation. As a tailored replacement for your Fento Max knee protector, this inlay fits seamlessly, providing a stable and secure foundation for your knees. Replacing your worn-out or damaged inlay is a cost-effective and sustainable approach that saves you money and reduces waste, extending the life of your Fento Max knee protector. With the Fento Max Replacement Inlay, you can easily restore optimal ergonomics and enjoy long-lasting, reliable knee protection in even the most demanding work environments.


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