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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

MLT Steel Insert for Cap

by MLT
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MLT Leveling System: Transforming Tile Alignment with Steel Cap Inserts

Enhance the quality and precision of your tiling projects with the MLT Leveling System's 100 Pc. Steel Cap Inserts, are expertly crafted to ensure optimal tile alignment and extend the lifespan of your leveling caps.


  • Advanced Design Feature: Allows for disengagement under tension for effortless grout joint cleaning and tile repositioning.
  • Guaranteed Perfect Alignment: Ensures tiles remain precisely aligned and level as they cure.
  • Protective and Durable: Designed to avoid scratching and significantly extend the life of caps.
  • Innovative Steel Tongue Insert: Includes a slot for Stainless Steel tongue inserts, greatly enhancing cap longevity.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Ideal for use with various Base Plates, catering to different tiling materials.
More Details

The MLT Leveling System's 100 Pc. Steel Cap Inserts represent a significant advancement in the world of professional tiling. These cap inserts are ingeniously designed to improve the precision and durability of your tile leveling system. A standout feature of these inserts is their advanced design, which allows them to disengage under tension. This unique capability is crucial for tasks such as cleaning grout joints or repositioning tiles, ensuring that adjustments can be made easily and efficiently. The inserts are not just functional but also protective. They are designed to prevent scratching, thus maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the tiles during installation. Additionally, the inclusion of a slot for Stainless Steel tongue inserts in each cap dramatically increases the life of your caps, making this system not only effective but also cost-effective in the long run. Versatility is another key aspect of these steel cap inserts. They are compatible with four different types of Base Plates, making them suitable for a wide range of tiling materials. This adaptability ensures that professionals can rely on these inserts for various projects, from residential to commercial. Whether you are laying porcelain, ceramic, or stone tiles, the MLT Leveling System's Steel Cap Inserts are designed to facilitate a level, aligned finish, ensuring that every tiling project meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

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