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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Superior® (A type) Replacement Handle - ST070

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Superior Replacement A Type Handle for Professional Tile Cutters

Update your tile cutters precision with the Superior A Type Handle, the original replacement handle designed for the Superior Tile Cutter. This handle, featuring an innovative insert and spring mechanism, automatically adjusts to the bar, ensuring consistent, straight cuts every time. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, the Superior A Type Handle is an essential upgrade for professionals seeking to optimize their tile cutting experience.


  • Original Replacement Handle: Designed specifically for Superior Tile Cutters.
  • Automatic Adjustment: Insert and spring mechanism for consistent alignment.
  • Unique Spring Tension: Ensures straight cuts with automatic adjustment.
  • Compatibility: Fits models 1A, 1AA, 2A, 2AA, 3A, and 4A Tile Cutters.
  • Ergonomic Design: Provides comfortable and efficient tile cutting.
  • Note: Handle does not include a scoring wheel.

  • Compatibility of Superior A Type Handle

    Compatible Tile Cutter Models:
    • 1A Tile Cutter
    • 1AA Tile Cutter
    • 2A Tile Cutter
    • 2AA Tile Cutter
    • 3A Tile Cutter
    • 4A Tile Cutter
    More Details

    The Superior A Type Handle is a critical component for those who demand precision and ease in their tiling projects. As the original replacement handle for the Superior Tile Cutter, it embodies the brand's commitment to quality and functionality. The handle's innovative design features an insert and spring mechanism that automatically keeps it adjusted to the bar, a unique feature that ensures straight, precise cuts in every use. This automatic adjustment, coupled with the unique spring tension, makes the handle an invaluable tool for achieving consistent results, eliminating the guesswork and manual adjustments typically required with standard handles. The A Type Handle is compatible with a range of Superior Tile Cutter models, including 1A, 1AA, 2A, 2AA, 3A, and 4A, making it a versatile choice for various cutting needs. While the handle does not include a scoring wheel, its ergonomic design significantly enhances the user's comfort and efficiency, making tile cutting a more manageable and accurate task. Whether you're a professional tile contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Superior A Type Handle is an indispensable upgrade for your tile cutter, ensuring each cut is as precise and effortless as the last

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