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Pearl Abrasive P4 Turbo Mesh Blade for Porcelain and Granite

by Pearl
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$30.95 - $73.95
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P4 Turbo Mesh Blades: Redefining Clean, Chip-Free Cuts on Hard Materials

Unleash the cutting prowess of the P4 Turbo Mesh Blades, engineered for impeccable performance on porcelain, granite, and other hard materials. The thin Turbo-Mesh rim and core are meticulously designed to offer fast cutting and minimal chipping, making your cutting tasks a breeze. Whether it's extra hard ceramics or dense materials, these blades are up to the challenge, promising an extra-long life. With the flexibility of wet or dry cutting, the P4 Turbo Mesh Blades are a versatile choice for any cutting job.

Invest in P4 Turbo Mesh Blades and elevate your cutting precision to a professional level.


  • Thin Turbo-Mesh Rim: Ensures fast cutting and minimal chipping, enhancing your project efficiency.
  • Versatile Cutting: Ideal for slicing through extra hard ceramics, porcelain, granite, and other hard/dense materials.
  • Extra Long Life: Designed for durability, providing a reliable cutting solution for a longer period.
  • Wet or Dry Cutting: Offers the flexibility of wet or dry cutting, catering to your project needs.
  • Clean, Chip-Free Cuts: Virtually eliminates heat caused by friction, ensuring clean and precise cuts every time.

Pearl P4 Turbo Mesh Diamond Blade Specifications
Blade Size 4" 4-1/2" 5" 6" 7" 10"
Rim Height 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm
Arbor 20 mm - 5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8"
RPM 15,200 13,500 12,200 8,730 7,640 6,1150
Kerf 0.050" 0.050" 0.050" 0.050" 0.050" 0.050"


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