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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Freight Delivery Details

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Standard Freight Delivery Requirements:

  1. Commercially Zoned Address: Should facilitate tractor-trailer access.
  2. On-Site Amenities: Forklift or loading dock is essential.
  3. Receiver Details: Accurate contact information is mandatory.
  4. Signature Protocol: Sign only AFTER PACKAGE INSPECTION.

Additional Delivery Options and Fees:

  • Lift Gate Service: $150 flat rate. Required if there's no loading dock or fork lift.
  • Residential Delivery: $200 flat rate. Pertains to all residential addresses. This includes a lift gate fee.

Limited Access Delivery: If the destination address is on an island, or in a location where a tractor-trailer cannot access or turn around, it's categorized as "Limited Access". In such cases:

  • Freight Terminal Pickup is recommended.
  • Alternatively, an address that meets our requirements should be provided.

Additional fees may be charged if the stated requirements are not met.

For insurance reasons, certain restrictions apply. Drivers won't enter driveways, dirt roads, or non-standard lanes, regardless of their pavement status. Ideally, businesses should have a forklift ready at the loading dock. In its absence, the driver will personally hand over the boxes.

FREIGHT TERMINAL PICKUP: Always bring the delivery acceptance instructions and the invoice when collecting your order from a freight terminal. They are essential for shipment verification and addressing potential issues. Important: Pick up within three days of order's terminal arrival to avoid storage fees.

Delivery Acceptance Instructions: This section houses key details about your order. Should you have any queries, our customer service is ready to assist. Ensure these instructions, along with your invoice, are at hand during delivery.

SHIPPING CONFIRMATION: Upon shipment, an email confirmation, featuring the PRO (tracking) number and freight carrier's details, will be dispatched. To track your shipment, contact the carrier with the PRO number the day after receiving this email.

DELIVERY INSPECTION: Any discrepancies or damages noticed upon delivery must be immediately noted on the delivery receipt. For any challenges regarding exception numbers or receipt signing, promptly contact our customer service at 262-790-2170.

EXCLUSIONS AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Standard deliveries exclude services like inside deliveries, flatbed trucks, lift gates, or pallet jacks. These services incur additional charges and need prior authorization and payment to If orders are refused without valid reasons as stated in this policy, the customer bears costs like shipping, restocking, and returned freight charges.

What is a PRO number?
A Pro number is a term used by the trucking industry to identify a freight bill and corresponds to a scannable bar code. This is also referred to as a freight bill number or tracking number.

What type of delivery truck will be making my delivery?
Most deliveries are made by a tractor trailer from larger, well-known freight carriers.

What is a Delivery Receipt?
A delivery receipt is a control document used in delivering freight to a consignee (the customer). It is signed by the consignee and the driver to indicate completion of delivery. Delivery receipts are also used for collecting monies and recording delivery exceptions.

What is a delivery exception?
A delivery exception refers to any shipment shortage, overage or damage.

What is shrink wrap?
Shrink wrap is plastic sheeting used by warehouse personnel to secure cartons to a pallet.

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