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Alpha Vetro Wet Blade for Glass Tile

by Alpha
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Efficiently Cut Glass with the Alpha Vetro Wet Glass Tile Blade

The Alpha Vetro Wet Glass Tile Blade is the ultimate cutting solution for contractors seeking speed, efficiency, and durability. This blade is specifically designed to deliver precise cuts with minimal chipping, making it the perfect choice for glass and hard vitreous materials. With its smooth continuous diamond rim and optimal bond hardness, the Alpha Vetro ensures exceptional performance and longevity.. 

Invest in the Alpha Vetro Wet Glass Tile Blade and elevate your glass-cutting endeavors to a professional standard.


  • High-Speed Wet Cutting: Specifically designed for various glass materials including tiles and glass bottles.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for plunge cutting, trimming near edges, and cutting internal radii.
  • Portable and Dust-Free Solution: Perfect for cutting thick glass when used with the AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter (4-3/8" size).
  • Minimal Chipping: Ensures clean cuts, even near the edges of the glass material.
  • Trusted by Professionals: A preferred choice for both tradesmen and artists for precise glass cutting.

    Ask a Question
    • Can this blade be used for cutting other materials besides glass?

      The Alpha Vetro Wet Glass Tile Blade is exclusively designed for cutting glass and hard vitreous materials. It is not recommended for use on other materials, as doing so may compromise the blade's performance and overall effectiveness.