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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Zenesis Tile Diamond Blades

by Zenesis
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Zenesis Tile Diamond Blades - Premium Diamond Blades for Effortless Cutting Precision

Elevate your tile cutting projects to new heights of precision and efficiency with Zenesis Tile Diamond Blades, featuring advanced diamond technology for flawless results.


  • Advanced Diamond Technology: Guarantees smooth, chip-free cuts every time.
  • Innovative Slot and Rim Design: Enhances cutting ease and prolongs blade life.
  • Ideal for Hard Materials: Perfect for porcelain, granite, and other challenging surfaces.
  • Versatile Wet or Dry Application: Suitable for both wet and dry use with 4" and 4.5" blades.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Engineered for sustained performance and longevity.
  • Trusted by Professionals: A preferred choice for expert fabricators and craftsmen.
  • Variety of Sizes Available: Select the ideal blade size for your specific project needs.
  • Effortless Cutting Experience: Designed to make cutting faster, smoother, and more accurate.
  • Reduced Work Fatigue: Minimizes effort required, enhancing user comfort.
  • Essential for Quality Workmanship: Delivers precise cuts for high-quality

     Zenesis Diamond Blades
     Blade Diameter Wet/Dry RPM Arbor
    10" Wet 7600 1" (5/8" reducer)
    8" Wet 7600 1" (5/8" reducer)
    7" Wet 8700 1" (5/8" reducer)
    4.5" Wet/Dry 13,300 7/8" arbor with 5/8"
    4" Wet/Dry 15,300 7/8" arbor with 5/8" 

    More Details

    Zenesis Tile Diamond Blades represent the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology in the tile cutting industry. These premium blades are crafted using patented diamond technology, ensuring each cut is smooth and chip-free, a critical factor when working with hard materials like porcelain and granite. The unique slot and rim design of the ZENESIS™ Continuous Rim Blade not only makes cutting effortless but also significantly extends the blade's lifespan, providing exceptional value. Whether for professional fabricators or DIY enthusiasts, these blades offer unparalleled precision, making them an indispensable tool for high-quality tile cutting. The versatility of the blades allows for both wet and dry applications, with 4" and 4.5" sizes adaptable to various project requirements. This flexibility is coupled with the blades' long-lasting performance, making them a durable investment for any serious craftsman. Renowned among professionals for their exceptional precision, Zenesis Tile Diamond Blades are the top choice for anyone seeking to achieve perfect cuts consistently. With multiple sizes available, these blades cater to a wide range of cutting needs, ensuring users can select the perfect tool for their projects. The blades not only facilitate a smoother and faster cutting experience but also reduce work fatigue, enhancing overall user comfort. For those who prioritize quality workmanship and precision, Zenesis Tile Diamond Blades are a game-changing addition to their toolkit, redefining the standards of tile cutting.

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