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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Unlock Precision with Russo Trading Company's Tile Tools

Russo Trading Company
Innovative Tile Tools For The Tile Trade

Welcome to, your ultimate destination for precision tiling tools. Russo Trading Company’s extensive range of high-quality tile tools blends craftsmanship with innovative technology, ensuring exceptional results for every tiling project. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, Russo’s tools are engineered to enhance your efficiency and accuracy.

Featured Products

Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System

Experience the perfect level finish with Russo Trading Company's renowned Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System, now available at This innovative system minimizes manual adjustments, streamlining your installation process for flawlessly level results. The Spin Doctor system features intuitive spinning caps that quickly adjust to the desired height, ensuring precise leveling and eliminating lippage. With reusable caps and durable base plates, it creates a stable, even surface for tiles. Suitable for a wide range of tile sizes and thicknesses, the ergonomic design allows for comfortable and efficient installation, saving you time and effort on every project.

RTC Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System Reusable Caps - TileTools
High-Quality Trowels and Floats

Russo Trading Company's trowels are designed for precise adhesive spreading, ensuring proper coverage and a strong bond between tile and substrate. Available in various notch sizes and shapes, these trowels suit different tile types and installation needs. Their floats are engineered for smooth grout application, with durable construction and ergonomic design for efficient filling of grout joints, resulting in a polished finish. With quality materials and user-friendly features, Russo Trading Company's trowels and floats are essential for any tile installation project, delivering precision and reliability for flawless results.

Close-up of Russo high-quality trowels and floats with ergonomic handles
Horseshoe Shims and Spacers

Enhance your tile installations with Russo Trading Company's Horseshoe Shims and Spacers. These essential tools ensure precise alignment and consistent spacing, making it easy to achieve professional results. Crafted from durable materials, they provide reliable support and are available in various sizes to accommodate different tile types and installation needs. With Russo Trading Company's Horseshoe Shims and Spacers, you can ensure a flawless, level finish every time.

Close-up of Russo Trading Company's Horseshoe Shims and Spacers
GPTP Handling Tools

Experience the unmatched performance of RTC GPTP handling tools, designed to tackle the most challenging materials with ease. RTC's GPTP handling tool the innovative and fully customizable RPM handling system to provide a secure grip and minimize damage risk. With GPTP's professional-grade tools, you can confidently take on any tiling project.

GPTP Cutting and Handling Tools
Diamond Blades and Drill Bits

Elevate your cutting capabilities with Russo Trading Company's premium diamond blades and drill bits, designed to cut through the hardest materials with unparalleled ease and precision. Their diamond blades feature high-quality, durable segments that deliver smooth, chip-free cuts on porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, and other tough materials. Russo Trading Company's diamond drill bits are engineered for drilling clean, accurate holes in tile and stone, with minimal chipping or cracking, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliable results.

Russo Trading Company's diamond blade and drill bit cutting through porcelain tile with precision.
Specialized Diamond Tooling

Russo Trading Company offers specialized diamond tooling for unique applications, such as corner and radius cuts and plunge cuts. These tools tackle specific cutting and drilling challenges, expanding your capabilities. With Russo Trading Company's specialized diamond tooling, you can confidently take on complex tiling projects.

Specialized Diamond Tooling by Russo Trading Company
Innovative Tools

Russo Trading Company continuously strives to push the boundaries of tiling technology with innovative tools designed specifically with the contractor in mind. These one-of-a-kind or first-of-their-kind tools demonstrate Russo's commitment to meeting the unique needs of professionals, enhancing efficiency and precision in every project.

Explore Our Full Range of Innovative Products is proud to feature Russo Trading Company’s exceptional tools, which represent the pinnacle of tiling technology. Each tool is crafted to transform your tiling work from ordinary to extraordinary. Browse our selection today and experience the Russo difference in your next tiling project.

Visit to explore the complete Russo Trading Company tool collection and elevate your tiling projects to professional standards!

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