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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

FloFX Universal Shower Drain Bodies

by FloFX
Original price $45.00 - Original price $395.00
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$45.00 - $395.00
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FloFX Drain Bodies: PVC

Universal Bond Flange Drain Kit and FFX Grate Install Kit for Easy Drain Installation

Revolutionize your tiling projects with our Universal Bond Flange Drain Kit and FFX Grate Install Kit – the ultimate choice for professionals seeking precision, durability, and ease in drain installation


  • Versatile Compatibility: Fits standard 2" waste pipes, adaptable to 3-piece clamping drains.
  • Material Options: Available in both ABS and PVC, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Advanced Technology: Features anti-wicking woven fabric for robust membrane adhesion.
  • Precision Installation: Seal cells maintain ideal mortar thickness for sheet membranes.
  • Adjustable Design: A horizontal grate allows for fine adjustments during installation.
  • Innovative Adjustment Ring: Included in the FFX Grate Install Kit for thin mosaic compatibility.
  • Efficient Drainage: Weep channels facilitate water drainage off waterproof membranes.
  • Drain Grates Sold Separately

FFX Grate Install Kit Features

  • Use with any FloFX grate with a standard Schluter Kerdi®, or Profilitec® bond flange drain
  • Patent pending adjustment ring including a recessed area for the grate to go lower, allowing for mosaics as thin as 1/8″
  • The underside of the adjustment ring includes weep channels, allowing water to drain off the waterproof membrane
  • Drain Grates Sold Separately 
  • More Details

    Elevate your tile installation projects with our Universal Bond Flange Drain Kit and FFX Grate Install Kit, expertly designed for tile contractors and home remodelers. The Bond Flange Drain Kit, compatible with both 2" and 3" waste pipes, is a versatile solution that seamlessly adapts to standard drain setups, including Schluter Kerdi® and Profilitec® systems. Crafted from durable ABS or PVC, this kit ensures longevity and reliability. The unique anti-wicking woven fabric offers superior texture for liquid-applied membranes, enhancing the overall waterproofing process. With its innovative seal cells, you can maintain the perfect mortar thickness, essential for effective sheet membrane application. The FFX Grate Install Kit takes your tiling precision to the next level with its horizontal grate feature, allowing for meticulous adjustments, and its patent-pending adjustment ring, specially designed for thin mosaics, ensures a flawless finish. Additionally, efficient weep channels in the kit promote optimal drainage, safeguarding your work from water damage. Choose our drain and grate kits for a professional, hassle-free installation experience that stands the test of time.


    Questions & Answers

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    • Now that the tiling is done, how do I pull that green drain cap off?

      To remove the FloFx protective cover insert a screwdriver into the slot on the green cover and pry it back.

    • Do I need to use a sheet membrane with a flow fx drain, or is a liquid-applied membrane?

      If you are planning to use either a sheet membrane or a liquid-applied membrane, you should use the Flo FX Universal Drain Body. This drain body is designed to be compatible with both types of membranes, ensuring a secure and watertight installation.

    • I am buying a shower drain body. Do I choose the traditional or the universal drain body?

      The FloFx Universal drain body in a mud bed is better for envelope cuts on large format tile, where the FloFx Traditional would be more for a bowl shaped pitch or Schluter foam pan.

    • Can I set tile using the yellow temporary drain cover?

      You should ALWAYS install the tile with the FloFx yellow temporary cover in place. This guarantees that you do not damage the drain grate during the installation or grouting process. Installing the drain grate should be the last step of any shower project.