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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

FloFX Traditional Shower Drain Bodies

by FloFX
Original price $50.00 - Original price $440.00
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$50.00 - $440.00
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FloFX Traditional Bond Flange Drain Kit: The Ultimate Shower Drain Solution

Transform your shower installation with the FloFX Traditional Bond Flange Drain Kit, engineered for seamless integration and unmatched durability.

Upgrade your shower installation process. Opt for FloFX Traditional Shower Drain Bodies today for a seamless and durable finish!


  • Universal Compatibility: Fits most foam shower trays including Schluter, and Profilitec.
  • Extensive Bonding Surface: Features a full 2" surface for a strong bond.
  • Flexible Grate Options: Includes FFX Grate Install Kit for future grate selection.
  • Patent-Pending Design: Under-flange mortar cavities for enhanced stability.
  • Easy Flush Adjustment: Prevents mosaic sagging around the grate.
  • Secure Flange Attachment: Countersunk screw holes for reliable installation.
  • Optimal Durability: Weep channels under the adjustment ring for longevity.
  • Material Variety: Available in both PVC and ABS bonding flanges.
  • Innovative Locking System: Ensures stable flange placement.
  • Drain Grates are Sold Separately -  - Shop Drain Grates Now!"  (not compatible with our Tile-in Grate assembly)
More Details

The FloFX Traditional Bond Flange Drain Kit represents the next generation in shower drain installation technology. This kit is expertly crafted to integrate flawlessly into mud bed installations and most foam shower trays, including popular brands like Schluter and Profilitec. Its key feature, the extended 2" bonding surface, guarantees a robust and durable installation, ensuring your shower remains leak-free and secure over time. The kit's flexible grate installation option, thanks to the included FFX Grate Install Kit, allows you to choose your FloFX grate at a later stage, providing unparalleled versatility. The design of this kit is further enhanced by its patent-pending under-flange mortar cavities, which effectively prevent any deflection and contribute to the overall stability of the installation. The flush adjustment ring is another innovative addition, ensuring that mosaic tiles around the grate do not sag, maintaining a pristine and level surface. Countersunk screw holes make flange attachment straightforward and secure. Moreover, the kit's weep channels located under the adjustment ring enhance its durability, while the availability of both PVC and ABS material options offers flexibility in choice. The innovative locking system of the drain kit ensures that the flange stays firmly in place. With the FloFX Traditional Bond Flange Drain Kit, you receive a comprehensive solution that includes all the necessary components for a hassle-free installation, making it an ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking a reliable, high-quality shower drainage system.


Questions & Answers

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  • How do I know whether to choose ABS or PVC?

    It's best to stick with the same material that's already in use to ensure compatibility. Mixing materials can be done with the right transition fittings, but it's generally simpler to use the same type throughout.

  • How will the weep channels work if instructions call for adjustment ring to be set in thinset mortal filling the weep channels?

    The tile is set directly to the waterproof membrane using the same thinset that is used to set the adjustment ring. Any water that can migrate through the thinset under the tile will migrate better through the weep channels as it's a thicker section of material. 

    Overall water migration in a sealed system is very low compared to a traditional water in, water out system that requires a 1.5" thick mud bed to constantly weep water.

  • Will this drain work with a Laticrete Hydro Ban shower pan?

    Yes, the FFX bond flange is designed with a woven fabric bonding surface that is compatible with a wide range of bonded, surface applied waterproofing membranes, including the Laticrete Hydro Ban shower pan. This encompasses paint-on, liquid applied membranes, and thinset mortar applied sheet membranes. For best results and assurance, we always recommend conducting a 24-hour flood test after application.

  • What is the overall depth of this drain?

    The overall height is 2.75" Distance from pipe stop to top of flange is 1.75"

  • Which drain fits a Kerdi pan and what are the depth dimensions

    The Traditional Bond Flange Kit is recommended for use with Schluter Kerdi Pans.

    The overall height is 2.75"

    Distance from pipe stop to top of flange is 1.75"