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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Super-H Grade A Grouting Sponges-XL

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$2.29 - $850.00
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Qty: Single Pieces

Super-H Extra Large Grout Cleaning Sponge

These sponges are Hydraphiliated, which is an extra manufacturing process that gives these sponges tremendous water holding capacity, more than any other polyester sponge!


  • Super-H is the original Hydra Sponge formula that most of you already know. What once was lost, has now been found!
  • They are more durable than any other polyester sponge, and more cost saving than any natural sponge
  • Preferred washing sponge by professionals.
  • The best polyester sponges on the market
  • They wash out clean, dry soft, and are always uniform in size and quality.  
  • High quality dense foam construction, Made in USA.
  • More Details

    The Super-H Extra Large Grout Cleaning Sponge sets a new benchmark in the cleaning industry, especially for professionals who demand the best tools for their work. This sponge, enhanced by a special hydraphiliation process, possesses an impressive water holding capacity that surpasses that of any other polyester sponge available. The Super-H brand, synonymous with the original Hydra Sponge formula, is well-known and respected for its durability and cost-saving benefits, rivalling even natural sponges. As the preferred washing sponge among professionals, it stands out not only for its superior cleaning capabilities but also for its consistent quality. Each sponge maintains uniformity in size and quality, ensuring they wash out clean and dry soft after every use. The dense foam construction of these sponges, coupled with their proud American manufacturing, underscores their high quality, making them an indispensable tool in any professional cleaning arsenal. Whether for daily use or for tackling challenging cleaning tasks, the Super-H Extra Large Grout Cleaning Sponge is the ultimate choice for those who value efficiency, durability, and quality in their cleaning supplies.

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    Available in:

    • Single Piece 
    • 450 Piece Bale
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