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Tajima GS Lock™ GS-25BW Tape Measure

by Tajima
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GS Lock™ GS-25BW: The Tape Measure for Uncompromising Professionals

Are you tired of fumbling with flimsy tape measures that just won't stay put? Meet the Tajima GS Lock™ GS-25/7.5MBW, your new best friend in precision measurement. Designed to cater to the unique needs of tile contractors and home remodelers, this extra-thick steel tape measure brings a world of difference to your projects.

Don't just measure; do it with confidence. Elevate your precision with Tajima today.

W 1 1/16 inch x L 25 ft 8.5ft / 2.6m 12.8 ft / 3.9m


  • Extra-Thick Steel Blade: Our tape measure boasts an extra-thick steel blade that provides unparalleled stiffness, ensuring your measurements are consistently accurate.
  • Safety Rope Tether Mount: Say goodbye to accidental drops. The built-in safety rope tether mount with a ring keeps your tape secure and your work uninterrupted.
  • Dual-Sided Blade: Whether you work in Metric or Inches, our dual-sided blade has you covered, offering versatility to suit your project needs.>
  • End Hook Guard: Protecting the end hook guarantees longevity and precision, so your measurements are always spot on.
  • Shock-Resistant Armored Case: The shock-resistant armored case ensures your tape measure is safe from falling impacts, making it a reliable companion on any job site.

Why Choose Tajima GS-25BW?

  • Drop Prevention: Prevent inadvertent drops and mislaying with the safety rope tether mount, keeping your tape measure secure at all times.
  • Strong Hook: With a thickness of 1.5mm, our hook is 4.7 times stronger than standard Tajima hooks, providing unbeatable strength and durability.
  • OSHA-Friendly: Tetherable to tool lanyards, our tape measure supports an OSHA-friendly solution for dropped object prevention, ensuring safety at heights.


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