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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Collomix WKHF Universal Paddles

Original price $44.99 - Original price $54.99
Original price
$44.99 - $54.99
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Title: WK120HF

Master Viscous Materials with Collomix WKHF Series Paddles

Revolutionize your mixing process with the Collomix WK120HF and WK140HF mixing paddles, specifically designed for handling sticky and viscous materials with ease and efficiency.


  • Optimized for Viscous Materials: Ideal for mixing tile adhesives, masonry cement, stucco, grout, and epoxy resin grout.
  • Effective Upward Movement: Paddles push material upwards for thorough and consistent mixing.
  • German-Made Quality: Crafted in Germany, ensuring high standards of manufacturing and durability.
  • Dual Helix Design: Features two mixing helices for easy material guidance and reduced machine stress.
  • HEXAFIX Paddle Construction: Allows for quick and easy paddle changes and cleaning.
  • Universal Fit: Compatible with standard power drills and Hexafix mixers.
  • Minimal Machine Stress: Designed to work efficiently without overburdening the mixer.
  • High Material Conveyance: Ensures excellent and even distribution of materials.
  • Robust Build Quality: Durable and reliable for long-term professional use.
  • Positive Paddle Lock Design: Ensures secure attachment and stability during use.

HEXAFIX Paddle Construction

  • Provides quick paddle disconnect
  • Ease of paddle cleaning
  • Positive paddle lock design
  • Hexagon design for power drills and Hexafix mixers

     WK Paddles HF Tech Specs

    Item Connection Mix Qty. in Gallons Diameter (in.) Length
    WK120HF Hexafix 4.0-6.6 4.75 23
    WK140HF Hexafix 6.6-9.5 5.6 23
    More Details

    Introducing the Collomix WK120HF and WK140HF mixing paddles, the ultimate solution for professionals dealing with sticky and viscous materials. Engineered in Germany, these paddles are renowned for their robust construction and exceptional performance. The WKHF series is designed to make light work of challenging materials such as tile adhesives, masonry cement, stucco, grout, and epoxy resin grout. Their innovative design features two mixing helices that not only ensure a strong upward flow for thorough mixing but also minimize the stress on your mixing machine. This results in a smoother, more efficient operation and prolongs the lifespan of your equipment. The HEXAFIX paddle construction is a standout feature, providing the convenience of quick paddle disconnect and ease of cleaning, enhancing your overall workflow. The hexagon design is compatible with a variety of power drills and Hexafix mixers, making these paddles a versatile choice for a range of mixing tasks. With their superior design and German craftsmanship, the Collomix WK120HF and WK140HF paddles are indispensable tools for any construction professional seeking to optimize their mixing processes for sticky and viscous materials.


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