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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Collomix KR120HF Hexafix Grout Mixing Paddle

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Collomix KR120HF: The Ultimate Solution for Professional Mixing

Experience a new level of mixing precision with the Collomix KR120HF Hexafix Grout Mixing Paddle, expertly designed to enhance the quality and consistency of your material blends.


  • Versatile Mixing Capabilities: Ideal for self-leveling materials, adhesives, sealants, fillers, and epoxies.
  • Efficient Mixing Action: Horizontal swirling for uniform mixing and reduced lumps.
  • Non-Stick Material: Facilitates easy cleaning of the paddle.
  • Large Batch Size: Suitable for 35-55 lbs batch size and 4.0-6.6 gallon volumes.
  • Optimal Paddle Dimensions: 4-3/4" diameter and 23-1/4" length for effective blending.
  • Hexafix Chuck Size: 3/4" for quick and easy paddle changes.
  • Smooth Finish Assurance: Minimizes air inclusions, ensuring lump-free results.
  • Professional Grade Tool: Engineered for high-performance in demanding environments.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand rigorous use in various mixing tasks.
  • Time-Saving Design: Increases efficiency in preparation and application processes.

More Details

Introducing the Collomix KR120HF Hexafix Grout Mixing Paddle, a superior tool designed to transform your mixing experience. Catering to professionals across various industries, this paddle is the epitome of efficiency and versatility. Whether you're working with self-leveling compounds, epoxy mixes, or other dense materials, the KR120HF ensures a consistent, high-quality mix every time. Its horizontal swirling action is specifically engineered to reduce lump formation and minimize air inclusions, delivering a smooth, homogeneous finish. The paddle's non-stick material not only enhances the mixing process but also simplifies cleaning, saving you valuable time and effort. With an impressive capacity suitable for 35-55 lbs batch sizes and 4.0-6.6 gallon volumes, it's designed to handle large-scale projects with ease. The robust paddle dimensions, including a 4-3/4" diameter and 23-1/4" length, provide effective mixing for a variety of materials. The inclusion of a 3/4" Hexafix chuck size means paddle changes are quick and hassle-free, further enhancing your productivity. Whether in construction, tiling, or renovation, the Collomix KR120HF Hexafix Grout Mixing Paddle stands out as a professional-grade tool, offering durability, reliability, and unparalleled mixing performance.


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