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Sigma 14G Kera-Cut Scoring Wheel

by Sigma
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14G Wheel for The Sigma Kera-Cut Series - Achieve Optimal Performance


The 14G Wheel is an original Sigma replacement scoring wheel designed to deliver exceptional performance with your Sigma tile cutter. By using this high-quality scoring wheel, you can effectively prevent chips and cracks when working with tough-to-cut materials. Upgrade your tile cutting experience with the 14G Wheel and achieve precise results every time.


  • Compatible with a range of Sigma tile cutters, including 8B2, 8C2, 8D2, 8E2, 8G2, 8CE, 8DE, and Kera Rail Cutter.

  • Enhances cutting precision and minimizes chips and cracks on tough materials.

  • Original Sigma replacement scoring wheel for optimal performance.

  • Durable construction for long-lasting usage.

  • Easy to install and replace, ensuring seamless workflow.

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  • Does this wheel fit the 120" Sigma Kera Rail Cutter?

    The Sigma 14G Kera Cut Scorng wheel does fit the 120" Sigma Kera Rail Cutter