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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Montolit Multipurpose Glass/Tile Cutter

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Montolit SCORE TILE CUTTER CUT-KIT: Precision Cutting for Glass and Ceramic

Transform your tiling projects with the Montolit SCORE Tile Cutter CUT-KIT, a top-tier tool designed for tile contractors and home remodelers, offering unmatched precision and efficiency in cutting glass and ceramic tiles.


  • Robust and Durable Design: Engineered to endure heavy use with robust construction.
  • Precision Cutting Edge: Features a tungsten carbide wheel for exact cuts.
  • Quick-Fit Blade System: Enables swift blade changes to maintain workflow efficiency.
  • Integrated Lubricant Reservoir: Facilitates smooth operation and extends blade life.
  • Versatility in Cutting: Ideal for both straight and intricate curve cuts.
  • Large Format Tile Compatibility: Excellently suited for modern, thin tile formats.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: Designed for ease of use, saving valuable time on projects.
  • Professional Quality Results: Delivers clean and precise incisions in every use.
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    The Montolit SCORE Tile Cutter CUT-KIT is an embodiment of precision and quality in the realm of tile cutting. This cutter is meticulously engineered to meet the demands of both professional tile contractors and dedicated home remodelers. It features a robust steel grip, ensuring stability and strength during use. The cutter is equipped with a quick-fit blade system that facilitates effortless and accurate cutting, enhancing workflow and productivity. Its cutting head, adorned with a tungsten carbide wheel, is designed to glide smoothly through porcelain and ceramic tiles, thanks to the specialized lubricant reservoir that not only ensures smooth operation but also significantly prolongs the blade’s lifespan. This versatility is a key strength of the Montolit SCORE Cutter CUT-KIT, making it perfectly suited for cutting large format thin tiles and executing harmonious curve cuts with precision. Its unique capabilities are not just about enhancing efficiency; they ensure a flawless finish in every project, thereby adding intrinsic value to your work. Whether working on intricate designs or large-scale installations, the Montolit SCORE Tile Cutter CUT-KIT is a game-changer, elevating the craft of tile cutting to new heights. It embodies the precision of professional-grade equipment, ensuring that every incision is clean and exact. For those who seek excellence and accuracy in their tiling projects, the Montolit SCORE Tile Cutter CUT-KIT is the tool that promises to transform your craft and deliver results that resonate with quality and professionalism.


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