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Sigma Series 4 "UP" Pulling Incision Tile Cutter

by Sigma
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$595.00 - $835.00
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Sigma Series 4 UP Tile Cutter: Precision Cutting at Its Best

Experience unparalleled precision and ease with the Sigma Series 4 UP Tile Cutter, a must-have tool for professional tile contractors and home remodelers. This advanced cutter, known for its exceptional pulling incision capability, promises quicker, more efficient cuts, reducing effort and enhancing accuracy. The ergonomic handle, tailored specifically for pulling incisions, and the visible 12mm scoring wheel from the operator's side, make it a user-friendly choice. Enhanced by its CNC-milled wheel holder and anti-friction metal shell, the Sigma Series 4 UP guarantees smooth operation and minimal lateral wear on the scoring wheel.

Not just designed for ease, the Sigma Series 4 UP stands out for its durability and precision. Its wear-free sliding carriage, equipped with three double-row ball bearings, ensures long-term precision, making it adept at handling materials up to 11/16" (17mm). The versatility is further amplified by its pivoting guide bar, allowing up to 45-degree angles in both directions, perfect for various tile-cutting projects. Additional features like the wide splitting foot and interchangeable anti-mark protection ensure safety and surface protection.

Upgrade your tile cutting experience with the Sigma Series 4 UP Tile Cutter and achieve professional-grade results effortlessly.


  • Ergonomic Pulling Incision: Designed for ease and efficiency in cutting.
  • Visibility Enhanced: The 12mm scoring wheel is always visible to the operator.
  • Friction Reduction: CNC-milled wheel holder and anti-friction shell for smooth operation.
  • Durable Scoring Wheel: Available in a TIN-coated version for longevity.
  • Precision Cutting: Cuts materials up to 11/16" with long-term precision.
  • Innovative Carriage Design: Wear-free sliding carriage with double-row ball bearings.
  • Automatic Adjustments: Steel compensator and handle system for ease of tile insertion.
  • Protective Features: Wide splitting foot and anti-mark protection for safe operation.
  • High Precision Handle: Mounted with thrust ball bearings for maximum accuracy.
  • Versatile Angles: Guide bar pivots up to 45 degrees in both directions.
Sigma UP Tile Cutter Specifications
Model Sigma 4BU Sigma 4CU Sigma 4DU
Length of Cut 27.5 in 33 in 40.5 in
Diagonally Cuts 19.5 in 23.4 in 28.6 in
Weight 23 lbs. 27 lbs. 32 lbs.

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  • It comes in inches the measurement bar

    Yes, all of our Sigma cutters are made for US distribution and come in inches.