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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Bostik TruColor® RapidCure™

by Bostik
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Bostik TruColor: Premium Grout with RapidCure Technology

Embrace the innovation of Bostik TruColor RapidCure, the pre-mixed urethane grout redefining industry standards with its rapid installation, exceptional color consistency, and unparalleled durability. Ideal for both professionals and high-end projects, this grout ensures a flawless finish with no color fading, cracking, or shading, revolutionizing your tiling projects with speed, efficiency, and aesthetic perfection.


  • Rapid Installation: Installs up to 50% faster than traditional grouts, saving time and labor.
  • Ultimate Color Consistency: Quartz aggregate ensures perfect color every time.
  • Enhanced Durability: Resistant to cracks, stains, and water, maintaining its integrity.
  • Antimicrobial Protection: Bostik's Blockade® technology inhibits bacteria and mold growth.
  • No Sealing Required: Built-in sealer technology guarantees lifetime protection.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Potential contribution to USGBC LEED® Credits for sustainable building.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of tiles including porcelain, ceramic, and glass.
  • UV Stability: Ensures the grout color remains vibrant, without yellowing or fading.
More Details

Bostik TruColor RapidCure Pre-Mixed Grout stands as a testament to advanced grouting technology, offering a patented, water-based formula that champions color accuracy, water resistance, and crack protection. This innovative grout is not just premixed for convenience but also engineered with HXD™ Technology, ensuring the highest performance resin system available, translating to unmatched toughness and resistance to staining and moisture. The color-coated quartz aggregate embedded within guarantees a consistent, vibrant finish without the risk of color fading, streaking, or shading, even in wet conditions. Its rapid curing properties allow for early water exposure, and the non-sag formula ensures easy application on vertical surfaces, making it a go-to solution for both residential and commercial applications, from interior walls to exterior floors.

TruColor RapidCure's commitment to quality and performance is further underscored by its low-maintenance requirements and the ability to contribute to LEED® Credits, aligning with modern sustainable building practices. The inclusion of Bostik’s Blockade® antimicrobial protection not only promises a hygienic surface, resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew, but also offers peace of mind by ensuring long-term aesthetic and functional stability. This grout is a perfect fusion of science and aesthetics, designed to provide flexibility, strength, and adhesion, making it an exceptional choice for an array of tiling projects, ensuring a beautiful, durable finish without the need for frequent upkeep.

What's Included

Bostik, part of the Arkema Group, is a global leader in adhesive solutions, serving diverse markets like construction, packaging, and hygiene. Renowned for innovation and sustainability, Bostik develops smart adhesives that enhance various applications' safety, efficiency, and flexibility. With over 130 years of expertise, Bostik combines advanced materials science with industrial know-how to create products that meet the dynamic challenges of modern environments. Committed to performance and responsible business practices, Bostik supports both professional and consumer needs globally.

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