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Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Device

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Achieve Optimal Mixes with Collomix AQiX Water Device

Enhance your mixing precision with the Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Device, an innovative tool designed to deliver the exact amount of water needed for various materials, eliminating guesswork on job sites.


  • Fast and Easy Setup: Connects to any water hose with a simple battery-operated interface.
  • Automatic Water Measurement: Device automatically stops at the desired water level.
  • Manual Dosing Option: Provides flexibility with a manual dosing button.
  • Universal Attachment: Compatible with standard mixing buckets and machines.
  • Wireless Operation: Powered by 2 x AA batteries for portability.
  • Versatile Hose Connection: Supports standard ¾” hose coupling and bayonet connection.
  • Efficiency in Mixing: Ensures the right water amount every time.
  • Convenient for All Job Sites: Ideal for various construction and mixing tasks.
  • Battery-Powered: Offers mobility and ease of use without power cords.
  • Robust Design: Durable construction suitable for professional use.

  Collomix AQiX Water Tech Specs
Dosing Flow Quantities
 0.3-99 quarts
Flowrate 42 qt/min. (at 6 bar)
Maximum Operating Pressure 29-87 psi (2-6 bar)
Battery 2 x AA Batteries
Water Connection 3/4"Threaded
Weight 1.5lbs (688 g)
More Details

Introducing the Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Device, a revolutionary tool that brings accuracy and efficiency to your mixing tasks. This battery-operated device easily attaches to your water hose and allows you to precisely set the desired amount of water on its user-friendly display. Whether you're mixing concrete, mortar, or any other material, the AQiX ensures that you always have the right amount of water, thereby enhancing the quality of your mix. It’s designed to switch off automatically once the preset water level is reached, ensuring precision and convenience. Additionally, the AQiX features a manual dosing option, giving you full control over the water quantity as needed. Its versatility extends to its compatibility, as it can be securely attached to any standard mixing bucket or machine. Operating wirelessly on 2 x AA batteries, the AQiX is perfect for use across various job sites, providing flexibility and portability. The device accommodates both a standard ¾” hose coupling and a bayonet connection, making it a universal solution for different settings. Ideal for construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts, the Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Device is a testament to innovation, ensuring efficient, accurate, and hassle-free water dosing for all your mixing needs.


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