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Collomix Xo6-R Variable Speed Handheld Mixer

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Xo-6R Power Mixer: The Ultimate Solution for Heavy-Duty Mixing

Introducing the Xo-6R Hand-Held Power Mixer, a pinnacle of mixing technology, specifically designed for high-intensity and heavy-duty material mixing with its robust 2.1HP motor and adaptable speed settings.


  • Powerful 2.1HP Motor: Tailored for heavy-duty usage and challenging materials.
  • Variable Speed Ranges: 0-410 and 0-580 RPM for versatile mixing applications.
  • Specialized Paddle Design: Ideal for mixing tile adhesives, mortars, cement, and plaster.
  • Ergonomic Structure: Upright machine height and upward handle position for comfortable operation.
  • Firm and Comfortable Grip: Ergonomically shaped handles for effortless handling.
  • Efficient Mixing: Ensures thorough mix with no material wastage or residue.
  • HEXAFIX Quick Disconnect: Easy paddle change for increased productivity.
  • German Engineering: Quality construction ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Optimized for Building Materials: Perfect tool for construction and renovation projects.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed to reduce user fatigue and increase efficiency.

Collomix Xo6 

 Power 1600 W / 14.5 am
Motor Electric - 110-125 VAC


0-410 rpm

0-580 rpm

Mixing Volume up to 23.5 gals (40 L)
Recommended Paddle
4-3/4 in. (120 mm)
Connection HEXAFIX
Weight 15 lbs. (6.8kg.)


More Details

The Xo-6R Hand-Held Power Mixer stands as a testament to advanced mixing technology, offering unmatched power and efficiency for professionals in the construction and renovation sectors. Equipped with a formidable 2.1HP motor, this compact yet powerful single paddle mixer is uniquely engineered to handle the most demanding materials. Its variable speed capability, ranging from 0-410 to 0-580 RPM, allows for precise control and adaptation to various mixing needs, from tile adhesives and building mortars to cement and plaster. The mixer's ergonomically designed handles and strategically positioned height ensure that operators can work comfortably with a straight back, reducing physical strain and enhancing productivity. The Xo-6R is distinguished by its meticulous German construction, promising long-lasting performance and reliability. Its HEXAFIX quick disconnect feature further simplifies paddle changes, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing workflow efficiency. With its ability to achieve a complete and thorough mix without leaving any material at the bottom of the bucket, the Xo-6R Hand-Held Power Mixer is not just a tool but a partner in achieving professional-grade results in building and renovation projects.

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