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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Helix Copperhead Diamond Blade

SKU CH4056
by Helix
Original price $32.00 - Original price $99.95
Original price
$32.00 - $99.95
Current price $32.00
Size: 4"

Helix Copperhead Diamond Blade for Straight Cutting Only

Introducing the Helix Copperhead Diamond Blade – a specialized tool for unparalleled precision in straight cutting, ideal for tile contractors and home remodelers seeking flawless results.

Invest in the Copperhead Diamond Blade and experience a new era of precision in straight cutting.


  • Vibration Reduction: Flanged/reinforced core design minimizes vibrations for smoother cutting.
  • Advanced Copper Core: Maintains low temperatures, enhancing blade longevity, especially in hard porcelain.
  • Clean, Chip-Free Cuts: Thin kerf ensures quick, neat cuts without chipping.
  • Specialized for Hard Porcelain: Soft-bonded rim cuts through even critically hard porcelain effortlessly.
  • Straight Cutting Expertise: Excellently suited for straight cutting, not recommended for miter, clean-out, or tip-up cuts.
  • Precision Engineering: Crafted for accuracy and efficiency in every cut.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand rigorous use by professionals.


    More Details

    Elevate your tile cutting precision with the Helix Copperhead Diamond Blade, a masterpiece in the realm of straight cutting tools. Specifically designed for tile contractors and home remodelers, this blade features a flanged/reinforced core that effectively reduces vibrations, ensuring a smooth and stable cutting experience. What sets the Copperhead apart is its innovative copper core technology, which keeps the blade cooler, particularly crucial when slicing through hard porcelain materials. This results in extended blade life and consistent performance. Its thin kerf design is not just about speed; it guarantees clean, chip-free cuts, enhancing the quality and efficiency of your work. While it excels in straight cutting, especially in handling critically hard porcelain, it's important to note its specialization, as it is not suitable for miter cuts, clean-out cuts, or tip-up cuts due to its thicker core design. Choosing the Copperhead Diamond Blade means investing in precision, quality, and durability, a decision that will undoubtedly reflect in the excellence of your tiling projects.

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