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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Russo Trading Company T3 Mesh Diamond Blade

Original price $21.95 - Original price $89.95
Original price
$21.95 - $89.95
Current price $21.95
Size: 4.5 Inch

Discover Superior Performance with RTC T3 Mesh Diamond Blade

Embrace unparalleled cutting efficiency with the Russo Trading Company T3 Mesh Diamond Blade – an innovative addition to the esteemed T3 line, designed for enhanced precision, cooling, and reduced noise.


  • Innovative Segment Design: Enables faster and more efficient cuts.
  • Integrated Cooling System: Ensures longevity and consistent performance.
  • Advanced Supercore Technology: Delivers heightened precision and lower noise.
  • Part of the Renowned T3 Line: Known for high-performance diamond blades.
  • Optimized for Specific Cuts: Ideal for straight and deep cuts; not suitable for miter, clean-out, or tip-up cuts.

Model DB45T3M DB7T3M DB10T3M
Blade Size 4-3/8" 7" 10"
Arbor 5/8" 7/8" 5/8" 7/8" 5/8"
RPM 13,300 8,730 6,115
Kerf 0.06" 0.06" 0.06"
More Details

The Russo Trading Company's T3 Mesh Diamond Blade is a testament to cutting-edge technology in the world of professional cutting tools. This latest innovation in the acclaimed T3 line has been meticulously engineered to offer accelerated and efficient cutting capabilities without compromising on cooling, crucial for maintaining performance and blade life. The integration of Supercore technology is a standout feature, enhancing the blade's precision while significantly reducing noise, a vital aspect for professionals who value a conducive working environment. The T3 Mesh Diamond Blade is uniquely designed with a segment that caters to faster cutting, making it ideal for demanding projects that require both speed and accuracy. Its integrated cooling system further reinforces the blade's longevity and consistent performance under challenging conditions. While it excels in straight and deep cuts, it's important to note that this blade is not suitable for miter, clean-out, or tip-up cuts due to its thicker core. The RTC T3 Mesh Diamond Blade is more than just a tool; it's a reflection of Russo Trading Company's commitment to providing exceptional cutting solutions, ensuring that every cut you make is a step towards perfection. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an ambitious DIY enthusiast, this blade is designed to let your skills shine, offering a cutting experience that is both efficient and precise.

What's Included

Russo Trading Company is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality tiling tools. They are a renowned company in the tile and stone installation industry, widely recognized for its commitment to quality. They have built their reputation on providing the finest tools for tile and stone installation. This dedication is evident in their rigorous testing process, which ensures that each product receives the RTC "Shield of Approval" before being offered to their customers.

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