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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Sola Go digital pocket level with Bluetooth Magnetic 3-Inch

by Sola
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Work Smarter with the Sola Go Magnetic Digital Pocket Level

Step into the future of leveling with the Sola Go Magnetic Digital Pocket Level. Merging precision measurement with smart technology, this digital level is a game-changer for contractors seeking efficiency and accuracy in their work.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Syncs with the Sola Measures app for enhanced data management.
  • Real-Time Measurement Sharing: Documents and shares measurements instantly via the app.
  • Advanced Inclinometer and Protractor: For precise angle and inclination readings.
  • Auto-Rotating Display: Ensures readability in all positions, including inverted.
  • Strong Magnetic Grip: With magnets and V-groove for secure placement on various surfaces.
  • Compact Design: 3” size perfect for portability and tight spaces.
  • Smart Measuring Capabilities: Boosts productivity and accuracy in the field.
  • Digital Age Tool: Ideal for modern contractors and professionals.


    More Details

    The Sola Go Magnetic Digital Pocket Level represents a significant leap forward in leveling technology. This 3” digital level is not just a tool but a smart device designed to integrate seamlessly into the workflow of modern contractors. It features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to pair it with the Sola Measures app, transforming the way measurements are taken, documented, and shared. This functionality is invaluable for real-time data sharing and collaboration on projects, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The level’s precise digital inclinometer and protractor offer exact angle and inclination measurements, critical for high-precision tasks. One of the standout features of this level is its rotating display, which auto-adjusts to ensure readability, even in inverted positions, enhancing user experience and accuracy. The strong magnets and V-groove design add to its versatility, allowing secure placement on a variety of surfaces, from pipes to metal structures. The compact size makes it an ideal tool for working in confined spaces, while its smart measuring capabilities significantly reduce the time and effort involved in traditional leveling. The Sola Go Magnetic Digital Pocket Level is more than just an advancement in leveling tools; it's a step into the digital age, empowering contractors to work smarter, faster, and with greater precision than ever before.

    What's Included
    Prop 65

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    • How long does battery last using Bluetooth connection to phone?

      This is the response from Sola

      Hundreds and hundreds of measurements, but not exact amount of time as it depends on battery quality, backlight timeout (if moving it all the time the unit backlight and power stays on) if left in a stationary position for a couple minutes the backlight turns off and then if left for a few more minutes the unit times out completely and powers off to save battery. So the key is how long it is in constant motion vs sitting in a stationary position in a given day. Either way that has never been listed as any customer issues that I know of.