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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

MLT Baseplates

by MLT
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MLT Baseplate Type: Thin Tile
Quantity: 250

Achieve Perfect Tile Installations with MLT Porcelain Base Plates

Transform your tile installations with the MLT Leveling System Porcelain Base Plates, designed for seamless use with porcelain and ceramic tiles, ensuring maximum thinset coverage and void-free surfaces on both floors and walls.


  • Versatile Base Plates: Choose from standard porcelain and ceramic, thin or gauged porcelain, and stone.
  • No Pre-Soaking Required: Simplifies the installation process compared to other systems.
  • Pre-Assembly for Efficiency: Easily pre-assemble Base Plates with MLT Straps for quicker installation.
  • Engineered for Flexibility: Designed to be disengaged under tension for grout joint cleaning or tile re-positioning.
  • Ceiling Application Adaptability: Counter sink holes aid in secure fastening for ceiling installations.
  • Suitable for Various Tile Sizes: Ideal for any size and format of ceramic or porcelain tiles.

  • More Details

    The MLT Leveling System Porcelain Base Plates are an innovative solution for tile setters seeking precision and quality in their work. These base plates are available for a variety of tile types, including standard porcelain and ceramic, thin or gauged porcelain, and stone, making them a versatile choice for diverse tiling projects. One of the key advantages of the MLT system is the elimination of the need to pre-soak, which is often required in other leveling systems, thus streamlining the installation process. The base plates are designed for easy pre-assembly with MLT Straps, enhancing installation speed. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals working on large-scale projects or under tight deadlines. Moreover, these base plates are engineered to be disengaged under tension, allowing for the cleaning of grout joints and seams or re-positioning of tiles and slabs as needed. This flexibility is crucial for achieving a flawless finish and correcting any potential issues during installation. The inclusion of counter sink holes in the Porcelain Base Plates is a thoughtful addition, especially for ceiling tile applications, ensuring secure fastening and stability. Overall, the MLT Leveling System Porcelain Base Plates are designed to facilitate a lippage-free, perfectly aligned tile installation, ensuring uniform material thickness and full tile contact for a professional finish. Whether for floor or wall tiling, these base plates are an essential tool for achieving high-quality results in both residential and commercial tiling projects.

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