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Built With Foam Wall Flattening Shim Kit

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The Ultimate Solution for Wall Flattening: Foam Shim Kit

Experience the pinnacle of wall flattening with the Built With Foam Wall Flattening Shim Kit. Designed for precision and ease, this kit offers a comprehensive range of shims, ensuring every wall and ceiling project achieves a flawless finish. Whether you're dealing with minor imperfections or significant unevenness, our color-coded shims, complemented by a handy depth gauge, make the selection process swift and accurate. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to perfection with our innovative shim solution.

Get the perfect finish every time! Order your Built With Foam Wall Flattening Shim Kit today and elevate your wall and ceiling projects.


  • Comprehensive Kit: Over 900 shims in 7 different thicknesses.
  • Quick Selection: Handy depth gauge for fast and accurate shim choice.
  • Color-Coded: Easily identifiable shims, even for those with colorblindness.
  • Color-Coded for Precision: 1/16" (White), 1/8" (Red), 3/16" (Yellow), 1/4" (Green), 5/16" (Blue), 3/8" (Plum), and 1/2" (Black).
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for walls, ceilings, and depth gauges for self-leveling pours.
  • Refill Kits Available: Order individual thicknesses as per your requirement.
  • Coverage: One box can cover 3 to 5 showers, depending on framing quality.


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