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Save 10% on all items on The RTC Family of Products - Promo Code April-24

Mark E. Industries® Pre Pitch™ Kit

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Create Ideal Shower Slopes with Pre-Pitch and Extended Kits

Streamline your shower installation with Mark E. Industries' Pre-Pitch and Pre-Pitch Extended Kits, offering tailored solutions for creating the perfect subfloor slope in showers of any size.


  • Pre-Pitch Kit: Ideal for standard shower areas with a centered drain or close to walls.
  • Extended Kit: Expands the Standard Kit for showers up to 72 inches, suitable for larger areas.
  • Versatile Applications: Compatible with 40 mil vinyl liners, roll-on liquid waterproofing, and sheet membranes.
  • Easy Installation: Both kits include screws, two-sided tape, and comprehensive instructions.
  • Lightweight Material: Made from high-impact, non-rotting plastic for durability.
  • Built-In Slope Design: Creates the necessary subfloor slope effortlessly.
  • Suitable for Various Subfloors: Can be used on both wood and concrete subfloors.
  • Packaging: Standard Kit sold with 6 sticks, Extended Kit with 4 sticks.
More Details

The Mark E. Industries Pre-Pitch and Pre-Pitch Extended Kits are ingeniously designed to simplify the creation of the ideal subfloor slope for shower installations. The Standard Pre-Pitch Kit is perfect for average-sized showers, providing a consistent slope towards the drain. It's particularly useful when the drain is within 36 inches of any wall. The Pre-Pitch Extended Kit is an essential addition for larger shower areas, extending the capability of the Standard Kit from 36 inches up to 72 inches. This makes it ideal for expansive shower floors or when the drain is situated further from the walls. Both kits are compatible with a variety of waterproofing methods, including 40 mil vinyl liners, roll-on liquid waterproofing, and sheet membranes, making them versatile for different shower construction techniques. The installation process is straightforward, with each kit including all necessary hardware, such as screws and two-sided tape, along with clear instructions. The kits are constructed from high-impact, reinforcing, lightweight plastic that is non-rotting, ensuring longevity and durability. They are suitable for use on both wood and concrete subfloors, adding to their versatility. The built-in pitch in the sticks allows for a perfect slope without requiring advanced skills, making these kits ideal for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. With the Pre-Pitch and Pre-Pitch Extended Kits, achieving the correct subfloor slope for effective drainage in any shower space is simpler and more efficient than ever.

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