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Save 10% on all items in our Diamond Tooling Collection - Promo Code Feb-24

Sigma Series 4 "NEX" Pushing Incision Tile Cutter

by Sigma
Original price $645.00 - Original price $1,595.00
Original price
$645.00 - $1,595.00
Current price $645.00
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Experience the Power of Sigma Series 4 'NEX' Tile Cutter

Discover unmatched cutting prowess with the Sigma Series 4 'NEX' Tile Cutter. Engineered for those who demand precision and strength, this latest Sigma innovation effortlessly handles the toughest, thickest, and largest tiles, redefining efficiency and accuracy in tile cutting.


  • Tough Tile Design: Engineered to tackle rough, thick, and large tiles with ease.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Custom-designed for pushing incisions, optimizing user comfort.
  • Precision Scoring Wheel: 16mm diameter for consistently accurate cuts.
  • Double Suspension System: Ensures cushioned scoring on structured tiles.
  • Smooth Operation: Roller bearing and anti-friction shell for seamless cuts.
  • Material Capability: Capable of cutting materials up to 3/4" (19mm) thick.
  • Durable Construction: Features a 120mm wide splitting foot with anti-mark protection.
  • Precision Maintenance: Clearance-free carriage supported by double-row ball bearings.
  • Easy Tile Insertion: Automated system for effortless tile placement.
  • Versatile Cutting Angles: Guide bar pivots up to 45 degrees for flexible cutting.
Sigma NEX Tile Cutter Specifications
Model Sigma 4BN Sigma 4CN Sigma 4DN Sigma 4EN Sigma 4FN
Length of Cut 24.4 in 29.9 in 37.4 in 49.2 in 61 in
Diagonally Cuts 17.2 in 21.1 in 26.4 in 34.8 in 43.1 in
Weight 23 lbs. 28 lbs. 33 lbs. 47 lbs. 54 lbs.
More Details

The Sigma Series 4 'NEX' Tile Cutter stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation in the world of tile cutting. This powerful tool is specifically designed for the most challenging tiles, offering a robust solution for professionals and home remodelers. Its ergonomic handle, tailored for pushing incisions, combined with a 16mm diameter scoring wheel, delivers unparalleled precision in every cut. The cutter's double suspension system is a game-changer, providing cushioned scoring for structured tiles, while its advanced roller bearing and anti-friction shell ensure smooth, frictionless operations. The cutter's ability to handle materials up to 3/4" (19mm) thick, coupled with its durable construction, including a 120mm wide splitting foot with anti-mark protection, makes it an indispensable tool. Its precision-focused design, featuring a clearance-free sliding carriage with double-row ball bearings, guarantees long-lasting accuracy. The Sigma Series 4 'NEX' also boasts an automatic system for easy tile insertion and a versatile guide bar that pivots up to 45 degrees, offering flexibility in cutting angles and making it an essential tool for achieving perfect results in tile cutting projects.

What's Included
  • Sigma NEX Tile Cutter
  • Sigma 14N NEX Scoring Wheels

Questions & Answers

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  • Does the fence come in standard or imperial or is it just in metric. ( mm) or (inch)

    The Sigma Tile cutters we sell are in US standard measurements (inches).

  • I need to replace my scoring wheel please advise as to which one works on the Sigma Series 4 Nex Tile Cutter?

    The Sigma 14N scoring wheel is the replacement wheel for a Sigma NEX tile cutter Click Here to view