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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

MLT Cap 250 Piece

by MLT
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MLT Tile Leveling System: Durable Reusable Caps for Expert Tiling

Elevate your tiling expertise with the MLT Tile Leveling System's Reusable Caps, designed for minimal waste and maximum efficiency, ensuring a seamless and precise tile installation every time.


  • Efficient Cap Design: Allows for easy adjustments under tension.
  • Tailored Base Plates: Suitable for a variety of materials, including porcelain and stone.
  • Cost-Efficient: Reusable caps and components minimize the need for frequent replacements.
  • Surface Protection Features: Rubber Feet and Steel Tongue Inserts prevent scratching and prolong cap life. These are sold separately
  • Maximum Thinset Coverage: Base Plates designed for solid, hollow-spot-free installations.
  • Ceiling Application Adaptability: Base Plates with counter sink holes for secure fastening.
  • Seamless Tile Repositioning: Caps facilitate easy cleaning of grout joints.

More Details

The MLT Tile Leveling System Reusable Caps are a breakthrough in the field of professional tiling, offering a blend of durability, efficiency, and precision. As a key element of the Mechanical Lippage Tuning technology, these reusable caps, along with the complementary straps and base plates, form a comprehensive system for achieving flawless tile installations. The system's caps are ingeniously designed to disengage under tension, simplifying the process of making adjustments and cleaning grout joints. This feature also allows for effortless repositioning of tiles with just slight side pressure. The versatility of the system is enhanced with four different base plates, each tailored to accommodate various tile materials like porcelain and stone. The cost-saving aspect of these reusable components is significant, reducing the frequency of replacements and thereby cutting down on expenses over time. Additionally, the caps are equipped with Rubber Feet and Steel Tongue Inserts, thoughtfully incorporated to prevent surface scratching and to extend the lifespan of the caps. The base plates are another crucial component, meticulously designed to ensure optimal thinset coverage, resulting in a solid installation devoid of hollow spots. They are also crafted for ease of use in ceiling applications, featuring counter sink holes for secure fastening. This system is a testament to MLT's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the tiling industry.

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