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MLT Reusable Strap (T1) 125 Piece

by MLT
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MLT Leveling System: Streamline Tile Installation with T1 Straps

MLT Systems introduces the industry’s latest technology in Mechanical Lippage Tuning. Consisting of three major components (Reusable Cap, Reusable Strap, and Base Plate), this system achieves the least amount of waste possible. With four different Base Plates to choose depending on the type of material, in addition to Cap accessories, such as the rubber foot for soft stone it allows the MLT Professional Lippage Tuning System to be tailored to each specific job.


  • Innovative Design: Easily disengage under tension for adjustments.
  • Perfect Alignment: Ensures a level tile setting as materials cure.
  • Economical: Reusable straps for multiple uses.
  • Versatile: Four Base Plate options for different tile materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces waste in the tiling process.

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