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Save 10% on all items on The RTC Family of Products - Promo Code April-24
Save 10% on all items on The RTC Family of Products - Promo Code April-24

Russo Trading Company Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System 1/32″ Base

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Efficient Tile Leveling with Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System, 1/32" Red Threaded Posts

Transform your tile installation process with the Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System, featuring innovative 1/32" Red Threaded Posts, designed to offer unmatched precision and ease for both large format tiles and intricate tiling jobs."


  • One-Handed Installation: Patented free-spin design for easy leveling.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Reusable caps ensure long-term use and savings.
  • Enhanced Visibility Option: Clear View shield for precise tile setting.
  • Versatile Tile Compatibility: Suitable for up to 3/4" thick tiles.
  • Optimal for Minimum 1/16" Grout Joints: Ideal for various tiling projects.
  • Streamlined Process: Reduces lippage and speeds up installation.
  • Not a Spacer Replacement: Specifically designed for leveling, not spacing.

Recommended Tile Leveling Pieces Per Sq Ft


More Details

The Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System, featuring 1/32" Red Threaded Posts, is a groundbreaking solution for professionals seeking precision and efficiency in tile installation. This innovative system, specifically designed to cater to the needs of modern tiling professionals, dramatically streamlines the installation process. The patented free-spin design of the Spin Doctor system allows for rapid tightening of the cap, which can be done effortlessly, even with one hand, making it ideal for large format tiles and complex tiling patterns. The system not only ensures that each tile is perfectly aligned, thereby reducing lippage, but also significantly speeds up the installation process, allowing for more projects to be completed in less time. The components of the system, including the caps and bases, are available separately, with the caps being reusable across multiple jobs, offering exceptional cost-efficiency and value. For those seeking even greater precision, the optional Clear View shield provides enhanced visibility during installation, ensuring flawless tile placement. While adept at handling tiles up to 3/4" thick and accommodating grout joints as small as 1/16", it’s important to note that these posts are not a substitute for spacers but rather an advanced tool to enhance the quality and efficiency of tile installations. The Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System with 1/32" Red Threaded Posts is an essential tool for any professional looking to achieve optimal results in their tile installation projects.

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  • Do y’all sell the 1/32 spin doctor leveling spacers in boxes of 2000 or more

    Russo Trading Company does not currently offer bulk boxes of the 1/32" spacers