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10144 Sigma Ball Bearing

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by Sigma
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Revitalize Your Sigma Pull Handles with 10144 Ball Bearing

Keep your Sigma tile cutters in top condition with the 10144 Sigma Ball Bearing Pull Handle, designed for seamless compatibility and enhanced performance.


  • Wide Compatibility: Fits Sigma models 24E, 24F, 24AE, 24K, 24AK, 24EK, 24C, and 24D.
  • Reinforced Ball Bearings: 16/5/5 ball bearing for superior pull handle operation.
  • High-Quality Replacement: Ideal for maintaining tool integrity.
  • Smooth Operation: Ensures precise and effortless tile cutting.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for quick and simple replacement.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand rigorous use.
  • Enhanced Tile Cutter Performance: Upgrades your existing Sigma cutter.
  • Professional Grade: Suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Precision Engineered: Optimizes the functionality of your tile cutter.
  • Reliable Replacement Part: A must-have for regular Sigma tool users.

The 10144 Sigma Ball Bearing Pull Handle is a crucial component for professionals relying on Sigma tile cutters for precise and efficient tile cutting. Specifically designed to be compatible with a variety of Sigma models including 24E, 24F, 24AE, 24K, 24AK, 24EK, 24C, and 24D, this replacement part ensures that your tools remain in optimal working condition. The reinforced 16/5/5 ball bearings are the core of this high-quality pull handle, providing smooth and consistent operation that is essential for precise cuts. By replacing worn-out handles with the 10144 Sigma Ball Bearing, you not only maintain the integrity of your Sigma tile cutter but also enhance its performance. This part is engineered to ensure that every motion is fluid and accurate, thereby reducing the effort required in tile cutting and increasing overall efficiency. It's an easy-to-install, durable component that withstands the demands of daily use, making it a reliable choice for both professional tile contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Investing in this pull handle is an investment in the longevity and precision of your Sigma tile cutter, ensuring that it continues to deliver the high-quality results that Sigma is known for.

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