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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Battipav Supreme 200S Bridge Saw

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Experience Cutting Excellence with Battipav Supreme Bridge Saw

Transform the way you cut natural stones, granite, and marble with the Battipav Supreme Saw, a bridge saw synonymous with precision and durability. Designed for professional use, it features a robust structure and advanced cutting capabilities, making it the go-to tool for serious stone craftsmen.


  • Designed for Natural Stones: Ideal for cutting granite and marble slabs.
  • Manual Engine Group Movement: Ensures controlled and precise cuts.
  • 300mm Diamond Disk Compatibility: Built to work with 10" diamond blades.
  • Advanced Features: Includes a laser instrument and an adjustable goniometer fence.
  • Powerful Engine:  Optimized for 115V/60Hz, perfect for American work environments.
  • Durable Construction: Aluminium draw-plate and rail for rigidity and lightness.
  • Versatile Cutting Depth: Easy adjustment with a simple graduated scale.
  • Comprehensive Control Board: Includes overheat protection, signal lights, and optional laser instrument.
  • Large Working Table: 24" galvanized steel table with a durable water tank and recycling pump.
Battipav Supreme 200S Specifications
Power 3 hp
Amps 16A
Voltage 115v
Hertz 60Hz
Length of Cut 78.74 in
Diagonal Length of Cut 55.51 in
Arbor 1 in
Blade Capacity 12 in
Depth of Cut 90° 3.35 in
Depth of Cut 45° 2.36 in
More Details

The Battipav Supreme Saw represents the pinnacle of bridge saw technology, now equipped to run on 115V/60Hz power for enhanced compatibility and performance. This saw is specifically engineered for cutting natural stones, such as granite and marble, with unparalleled precision. It features a manual engine group movement that allows the operator to have complete control over the cutting process, ensuring each cut is executed with exactness. The saw is compatible with a Ø300 mm diamond disk, making it versatile for various stone cutting applications. Its aluminum draw-plate structure offers the perfect combination of rigidity and lightness, facilitating ease of use and movement. The powerful 3Hp/2.2Kw engine, complete with thermal and amperometric protections, ensures safe and uninterrupted operation. The Supreme Saw is further enhanced by its adjustable goniometer fence and millimeter graduated scale, allowing for accurate and efficient repeat cuts. Its large 620 mm working table, coupled with an optional galvanized steel side table, provides ample space for handling large slabs and intricate cutting tasks. Whether you're a professional stone fabricator or a dedicated craftsman, the Battipav Supreme Saw with 115V/60Hz power is your go-to solution for achieving precise and high-quality cuts in any demanding stone cutting project.

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