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Collomix Heavy Duty Portable Mixer LevMix 65

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Collomix LevMix 65: The All-in-One Portable Mixing Solution

Revolutionize your construction projects with the Collomix LevMix 65, a heavy-duty portable mixer that seamlessly combines mixing, transporting, and pouring into one efficient operation.


  • Three-Step Efficiency: Mixes, transports, and pours in one operation.
  • High Capacity Mixing: Handles up to three bags of material simultaneously.
  • Dust-Free Operation: Features a practical connection for vacuum cleaners.
  • Versatile Material Compatibility: Ideal for leveling compounds, screeds, coatings, and more.
  • One-Man Operation: Designed for ease of use and efficiency in solo projects.
  • Consistent, Lump-Free Mixes: Achieves perfect blends every time.
  • Easy Mobility: Push and transport materials without manual lifting.
  • Precise Pouring: Equipped with a spout for clean, accurate pouring.
  • Time-Saving Design: Reduces labor hours and increases productivity.
  • Ideal for Various Mixes: Suitable for cementitious compounds, resins, epoxies, etc.

  • Collomix LevMix 65 Tech Specs
    Power Rating
    1600 W / 2.15 hp / 14.5 amps
    Mixing Volume
    15 gal / 3 bags plus
    Mixing Bucket
    17 Gallons Bucket - Tall
    Max Load
    220 lbs.
    660 RPM (without load)
    410 RPM (under load)
    Mixing Tool
    27.2 x 20.5 x 46.9 in.
    Empty Weight
    93 lbs.
    More Details

    Meet the Collomix LevMix 65, a groundbreaking heavy-duty portable mixer that is redefining efficiency in the construction industry. This innovative machine unites the crucial steps of mixing, transporting, and pouring, all in one seamless operation, making it perfect for floor leveling, surfacing materials, and a variety of other mixing tasks. With the capability to mix up to three bags of material at once, the LevMix 65 ensures a high-volume, dust-free operation, especially when connected to a vacuum cleaner. Its versatility extends to an array of materials, including leveling fillers, liquid plastics, fiber-reinforced fillers, and more. What sets the LevMix 65 apart is its design for single-person operation, offering the ability to mix, transport, and accurately pour without assistance. This not only eases the workload but also significantly cuts down on man-hours. The machine's pouring spout adds to its precision, allowing for clean and accurate dispensing of liquid materials. Whether you're working with cementitious leveling compounds, sealants, or textured coatings, the LevMix 65 stands as an indispensable tool, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity on every project.

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