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Counter Handler

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Secure and Effective: Why Professionals Trust the Counter Handler Heavy Duty System

Discover the unmatched efficiency of the Panel Handler's Counter Handler Heavy Duty system. Designed to move and position countertop materials securely, it employs GRABO suction cups (sold separately) for superior hold. Once activated, the Counter Handler's metal frame firmly secures the material, eliminating risks of bending, flexing, or breaking.

For a system that offers unparalleled support and precision, choose the Panel Handler's Counter Handler Heavy Duty. Upgrade Your Handling. Get Yours Now!


  • GRABO Compatible: Designed to work seamlessly with GRABO and Grabo-Pro electric vacuum lifters (sold separately).
  • Sturdy Aluminum Bridges: Comes with three 23" bridges for comprehensive support.
  • Long Silver Rails: Two 84" rails ensure stability and hold across larger countertop materials.
  • Quick Pins: Six pins for fast and easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Prevents Damage: The system's design minimizes risks of flexing, bending, and material breakage.


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