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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Tile Tools Doodle Bug Stripping Pads

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Choose a roughness & color: White (Light Coarse)

Effortlessly Clean Delicate Surfaces with Tile Tools Doodlebug Scrub Pad

Experience a new level of cleanliness with the Tile Tools Doodlebug Scrub Pad, initially crafted for the stringent standards of the marine industry. These environmentally responsible scrub pads offer a perfect balance between effective cleaning and surface protection, making them ideal for a variety of delicate surfaces.


  • Environmentally Friendly: Designed to minimize environmental impact.
  • Ideal for Delicate Surfaces: Safe and effective for various cleaning needs.
  • White Pads: Medium coarse, non-abrasive for glazed wall tiles.
  • Red Pads: Coarser for tougher cleaning tasks.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both home and professional environments.
  • Hook and Loop Attachment: Ensures easy pad change and secure fit.
  • Durable and Effective: Long-lasting pads that deliver thorough cleaning.
  • Marine Industry Standards: Developed to meet high cleanliness requirements.
  • More Details

    The Tile Tools Doodlebug Scrub Pad is an exemplary cleaning tool that brings the rigors of marine-grade cleanliness to everyday environments. These pads are not just effective; they are designed with the environment in mind, reducing the reliance on harmful chemicals and bacteria. The white pads, being medium coarse yet non-abrasive, are perfect for cleaning highly glazed wall tiles without causing any damage or scratches. They provide a gentle, yet effective cleaning solution for delicate surfaces where care is paramount. On the other hand, the red pads are designed for more robust cleaning tasks, offering a coarser scrub to tackle tougher grime and dirt. Both types of pads feature a convenient hook and loop attachment, making them easy to use and replace, thereby enhancing efficiency and user-friendliness. Whether it's for home use or professional cleaning, the Doodlebug Scrub Pad stands as a testament to high-quality cleaning without compromising on environmental responsibility. Developed to meet the high standards of the marine industry, these pads are a reliable choice for maintaining pristine conditions on a variety of surfaces.

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