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IMER Paint and Elastomeric Gun Kit for Mighty Small 50

SKU 1107009
by Imer
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IMER Mighty Small 50: Upgrade with Paint and Elastomeric Gun Kit

Introducing the IMER Paint and Elastomeric Gun Kit (Part Number 1107009), a specialized add-on for your IMER Mighty Small 50. This kit is designed to expand the capabilities of your pump, allowing for efficient painting and elastomeric waterproofing applications, ensuring precision and ease in every project.


  • Designed for IMER Mighty Small 50: Tailor-made kit to enhance this specific pump.
  • Versatile Application Kit: Ideal for painting and elastomeric waterproofing.
  • Comprehensive Components: Includes spray gun, deflectors Ø5-Ø6, and more.
  • Extended Reach: Features a 10 m material holder hose with cam couplings.
  • Air Hose Included: Comes with a 16 m air hose equipped with Geka couplings.
  • Maintenance Tools: Includes a nozzle cleaner and a sponge Ø 25.
  • Specific Couplings Provided: Ensures easy connection to piping.
  • Professional Grade Equipment: Elevates the functionality of your pump.
  • Easy Installation and Use: Designed for hassle-free setup and operation.
  • Enhances Pump Utility: Expands the range of tasks the pump can perform.
More Details

The IMER Paint and Elastomeric Gun Kit (Part Number 1107009) is a revolutionary add-on for the IMER Mighty Small 50, designed to significantly expand its range of applications, particularly in painting and elastomeric waterproofing projects. This comprehensive kit includes a spray gun with deflectors of Ø5-Ø6, a 10-meter material holder hose with cam couplings, and a 16-meter air hose featuring Geka couplings, all designed to ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use. The inclusion of a nozzle cleaner and a sponge Ø 25 addresses maintenance needs, keeping your equipment in top condition. Additionally, the kit comes equipped with specific couplings for easy piping connection, making setup a breeze. This add-on transforms your IMER Mighty Small 50 into a more versatile tool, capable of handling a wider range of tasks with precision and ease. Whether you're tackling large-scale painting projects or applying elastomeric waterproofing materials, this kit ensures that your IMER pump is up to the task, providing professional-grade performance that is both reliable and effective. It's an essential upgrade for professionals looking to get the most out of their IMER Mighty Small 50 pump.

What's Included

• Spray gun + deflectors Ø5-Ø6
• 10 m material holder hose Ø 19 with cam couplings
• 16 m air hose Ø 13 with Geka couplings
• 1 nozzle cleaner and 1 sponge Ø 25
• Specific couplings for piping connection


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