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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

IMER Rotor for IMER Small 50 and Koine 35

SKU 1107031
by Imer
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IMER 1107031 Rotor: The Key to Superior Pump Performance

Elevate the functionality of your IMER Small 50 and Koine 35 machines with the precision-engineered 2L3 Rotor (Part Number 1107031), designed to work seamlessly with the 2L3 Green Stator (Part Number 1107030). This rotor is an essential component for achieving optimal performance, especially in demanding construction environments.


  • Specific Compatibility: Tailored for IMER Small 50 and Koine 35 machines.
  • Paired with 2L3 Green Stator: Perfectly matches with stator part number 1107030.
  • Rotor for Turbo Mixer: Requires a different rotor for Koine 35 with a Turbo mixer.
  • Quality Construction: Durable and reliable for professional use.
  • Enhances Machine Efficiency: Improves the overall performance of your pump.
  • Easy Integration: Designed for seamless compatibility and installation.
  • Professional Grade Component: Ideal for demanding construction tasks.
  • Versatile in Application: Suitable for various materials and projects.
  • Reliable Performance: Delivers consistent and powerful pumping action.
  • Part Number 1107031: Ensures you get the correct component for your machine.
More Details

Transform your construction projects with the IMER Rotor ONLY, 2L3, Green (Part Number 1107031), a vital component for the IMER Small 50 and Koine 35 machines. This rotor, specifically designed to complement the 2L3 Green Stator (Part Number 1107030), significantly enhances your machine's pumping and spraying capabilities. When used with the Turbo Mixer on a Koine 35, a different rotor equipped with the Turbo mixer drive nub is required, providing versatility for various applications. The IMER 2L3 rotor ensures that your equipment operates at peak efficiency, delivering precise and powerful pumping action. Its robust construction and reliability make it a prime choice for professionals in the construction industry, ensuring that tasks involving plasters, mortars, stucco, and more are handled with ease. The integration of this rotor into your IMER machines is straightforward, enhancing performance and extending the life of your equipment. It's not just a part but an enhancement, ensuring that your Small 50 and Koine 35 machines continue to deliver high-quality results in every project.

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