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IMER Step-Up 120 Pumping / Spraying / Mixing Machine

SKU 1106180
by Imer
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Imer Step-Up 120: The Ultimate Spray and Grout Pump for High-Flow Projects

Experience the next level of pumping and spraying efficiency with the Step-Up 120 Spray and Grout Pump, designed to provide higher flow and pressure for a variety of applications, seamlessly combining power and versatility.


  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 3 hp 2-speed single-phase motor for continuous, efficient operation.
  • Enhanced Pumping Capacity: Capable of pumping up to 2.75 cubic yards per hour with a 450 PSI pressure.
  • Versatile Aggregate Handling: Handles up to 3/8 inch aggregate, suitable for a wide range of materials.
  • Convenient Mixer Compatibility: Optional MIX 120 vertical shaft mixer integrates directly into the hopper.
  • Extended Reach: Pumps up to 200ft with a 35mm diameter hose.
  • Road and Doorway Accessible: Designed for safe towing and capable of passing through 36" doorways.
  • Integrated Compressor: Optional dual diaphragm maintenance-free compressor for spraying applications.
  • Comprehensive Equipment: Includes a 33’ material hose, cam lock reducer, safety grate, tow kit, and accessory toolbox.
  • Customizable Options: Offers various optional equipment, including a spray gun kit, vibrating grate, and different rotor/stator options.

  • Optional Equipment

  • MIX 120 Vertical Shaft Mixer with wired for integrated 220v operation 
  • 11 CFM 3 Phase Air Compressor
  • Spray Gun Kits for conventional or premixed mortars, repair grouts, and Fireproofing. ( no aggregate )
  • 35mm Material Hose x 33ft Length with M/F Cam Lock ends
  • 100’ of 13mm (9/16) Air Hose with Geka Syle quick couplings 
  • 5 ft pole gun for spraying fireproofing 
  • Wired remote (single phase only)
  • Vibrating grate (both)
  • 2L6 rotor/stator - increases pressure reduces volume (both)
  • 60.12 rotor/stator - high volume (3 phase)

  • Step Up 120 Pump with Mixer 220v Single Phase
    Pump motor power rate 3hp
    Mixer motor power rate 2hp
    Electric compressor 1hp / 9cfm
    Max aggregate size with IM 25L rotor/stator 1/8”
    Maximum material flow rate (cubic ft) 6.6cf/0.9gpm
    Horizontal pumping distance* 130 feet
    Vertical pumping distance 50 feet
    Pump hopper capacity 4.25 cf (31gal)
    Mixer drum batch output 3.2 cubic feet
    Dimensions W x L x H (inches)  80x32x50
    Weight 888lbs

    More Details

    Introducing the Imer Step-Up 120 Spray and Grout Pump Single Phase, a revolutionary solution engineered for applications requiring enhanced flow and pressure. This grout pump, featuring a robust 3 hp 2-speed single-phase motor, is designed for 100% duty cycle, ensuring reliable and continuous operation. The Step-Up 120 excels in versatility, capable of handling a variety of materials with aggregates up to 3/8 inch, making it perfect for grouting, spraying, and more. It boasts an impressive pumping capacity of up to 2.75 cubic yards per hour and can reach up to 200 feet with a 35mm diameter hose. The pump's compatibility with the optional MIX 120 vertical shaft mixer offers seamless integration for efficient loading, enhancing the ease of use. The pump is thoughtfully designed for both road towing and accessibility through 36" doorways, highlighting its adaptability in different environments. For spraying applications, the optional compressor provides the necessary air flow, and the spray gun kit expands its functionality. Included in the standard equipment are essential accessories like a material hose, cam lock reducer, safety grate, and more, ensuring you have everything needed for effective operation. With additional options like a vibrating grate and various rotor/stator configurations, the Step-Up 120 can be tailored to meet specific project requirements. This pump is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution for professionals seeking efficiency, versatility, and high performance in their spraying and grouting tasks.

    What's Included

    • 220v 3 Phase Electric control panel with high and low speed options
    • IM25L rotor/stator
    • 33’ - 35mm Material Hose.
    • 50mm Male to 35mm Female Cam Lock Reducer 
    • Standard Safety Grate 
    • Tow Kit with Torsion bar Axle 
    • Accessory tool box 
    • 133 Ft Super heavy duty 220v power cord

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